What's the Best Hot Tub

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Why should I buy a Hot Tub?
The Real cost of owning a Hot Tub
Types of Hot Tubs
Hot Tub Electric concerns - 220 vs. 110
Your options: Seats
Your options: Jets
Your options: Filtration and Purification
Your options: Surround
Your options: Cover
Shopping options: Local Dealer
Shopping options: Big Box Retailers
Shopping options: Online
Where to locate your new hot tub
Going to put it on a deck?
Hot tub foundations
What type of buyer are You?
"x" Person Hot Tub
How to shop for a spa
How to insulate a hot tub
How to drain a hot tub
How to clean a hot tub
How to buy a hot tub
How to build a concrete slab
How to treat hot tub rash
How to drain a hot tub with a hose
How to drain a hot tub for winter
How to level a hot tub
How to winterize a hot tub
How much chemical
How to make it work
Pea gravel base
Foam problems?
How to raise PH in your hot tub
How to lower PH in your hot tub
Save on hot tub electric bill
How to fix heavy hot tub cover
How to clean scale off of a hot tub
How high to fill a hot tub
How to fix hot tub HFL errors
How to remove mildew from hot tubs
Best hot tub chemicals?
How to kill staph in a hot tub
Remove jets
How to use the drain plug
Clean hot tub jets
Can I fill my hot tub with soft water?
Clean your filter with Muriatic acid
How to move a hot tub
Clean your filter in the dishwasher?
How to lower alkalinity levels
Reduce hardness of your water
You can repair freeze damage
How to stop hot tub overheating
Balance your chemicals
Support your hot tub on a deck
Can bleach be used in hot tubs?
How to eliminate bacteria
Repair your cracked hot tub
How to prime a hot tub pump
Organic alternatives
Hot tub age restrictions
Mice in your hot tub?
How to make your hot tub smell good
How does a hot tub pump work?
Hot tub health risks?
How to buy a cheap hot tub
Make your own spa defoamer
How to clean spa filter with vinegar
How to sanitize with lithium
Use vitamin C to neutralize chlorine
How to care for an inflatable hot tub
History of hot tub innovations
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Hot Tub Buying Guide

Types of Hot Tubs

You have decided you want a hot tub - a place to unwind after a long day dealing with the stresses of life. Lots of choices, lots of options. Let's consider the type of hot tub that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

Portable hot tubs are a great choice for many people. These units are self contained. They come with all the features of permanent tubs but are able to be moved from one place to another. Portable tubs come in many shapes, sizes and aesthetically pleasing surrounds. Many are able to plug right into your household outlets. Today, there are many options out there for you to choose from when it comes to portable spas. Before you buy you will want to know exactly what you want. Your choices are almost endless when it comes to size, seats, jets, and other features. Educate yourself on the options and you won't regret your purchase.

Portable spas are often more budget-friendly than permanent tubs and are able to fit into limited spaces. You are still able to get all the top of the line features you may desire in a permanent tub. You can also create a built in look with your choice of surrounds. Portable spas offer not only the comfort of a hot tub, but the convenience of its portability. Portable spas come in many sizes and with a variety of seating options. You won't be limited in your choices by choosing to purchase a portable spa. They seem to come in any size, shape, color and configuration imaginable.

Soft tubs are a wonderful for choice for many buyers as well. Maybe a permanent tub isn't an option for you due to location, situation or cost. Soft tubs are simple, easy to move and provide many of the features of permanent and portable tubs. Soft tubs are often a less expensive choice. Soft tubs are easy to move, can be used indoor or out.

An inflatable soft hot tub is easier to move because it is much lighter in weight than a traditional portable tub and comes deflated. Installation is easy. Unpack, inflate with accompanying motor, fill with the hose and turn that heater on. You can place a soft spa any where that is level. A soft spa can be used indoors - just be sure to have good ventilation. And it is easily transported through doorways and stairwells.

The ease of portability makes a soft tub a great option for traveling. Take it with you on a camping trip, an RV trip, to a friend's for a party. Moving? No problem, pack the tub up and move it with your belongings.

Even if you don't plan to move your tub often, a soft tub might be the best option for you. It's inexpensive, it's easy and it still provides the relaxation you want and need from the stresses of the day. Relax and enjoy the numerous benefits of hydrotherapy in your soft tub. Let the hot water and jets work their magic on your tired and achy muscles.

A permanent hot tub might be the right choice for you. Permanent hot tubs will be the most effective - the most efficient and the most durable. Do you already have an in-ground pool? Adding an in-ground hot tub makes the set up complete. You will clearly need to have a contractor do the work for you on this one. Just like your pool, a permanent hot tub will have a filter system, need chemicals and a heater to keep it functional. Many pool owners connect their hot tubs with a waterfall feature. A hot tub can help make your pool environment even more special. Not only will you get much enjoyment from your pool's activities but you will be adding the relaxation that comes with a hot tub.

Even if you don't have an in-ground pool, you may decide that a permanent hot tub is the right choice for you. Your yard and your lifestyle may be perfect for a permanent hot tub. Maybe it will be the final enhancement to your landscaping offering you the perfect spot for enjoying the hydrotherapy of your spa. Or maybe you want to build your hot tub into your deck so that's it easy to access and enjoy.

Remember to consider the view throughout all seasons. How will your privacy change as the foliage changes? Are the sights and sounds those that will enhance your experience? Remember this is a permanent hot tub and cannot be moved, so you will want the experience to be great year round. Pick just the right spot! You will want to be sure to get an estimate from your contractor to be sure you've thought of all the costs mentioned above. A permanent hot tub won't be cheap, but you are worth it.

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