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Hot Tub Buying Guide

Your options: Surround

Maybe you have already made your decision on the size and shape of your hot tub. You have decided on the seats and the jets you want. Now, decide on the surround. What will the cabinet look like? Will you choose a plastic composite or will you go with a wood surround? There are many options to choose from when considering the cabinet. You will surely be able to find the right cabinet surround to complete the look of your hot tub oasis. As you walk to your spa to enjoy the wonderful hydrotherapy that awaits you will first see the cabinet. You will want that to enhance the look of the hot tub helping to complete the scene for your relaxation.

Remember that you need to consider the location of your hot tub when deciding on the cabinet surround. How much space do you have around the outside of your spa. You need to factor that in when choosing your cabinet. If it's a tight space, be sure that the cabinet will fit in there. If you have lots of space, make sure that the view of the cabinet is what you desire. These finishing touches will enhance the experience all the more as you relax away in your spa. The retreat like environment you are creating will surely help release the tensions of the day as your muscles relax to the efforts of the jets massaging hydrotherapy.

Now wood cabinets are beautiful. Many are made from redwood or cedar. Hardy woods that can stand up to the elements and maintain an attractive appearance. These woods will stand up the weather and normal usage, but with some maintenance. You will need to clean and stain your cabinet surround if it's made from real wood. For some this is worth the look of real wood. It's elegant, it's classy, it's real. But for others, and maybe you, convenience wins out. And to be honest, maybe synthetics have a wonderful appearance as well.

An alternative to wood cabinetry for your hot tub is synthetic materials. There are many out there today with many different names and claims. The advancements made in the recent past have made the maintenance of the spa cabinet almost nothing. These cabinets are almost maintenance free. No sanding, no staining, no scrubbing, just an occasional cleaning with a mild cleanser, rinse and you are set to go.

These synthetic cabinets will not fade, warp or splinter. Many have the attractive appearance of wood without the maintenance. Ah, but you don't want the look of wood, no worries. There are other looks available in almost any color you can imagine.

As you choose your cabinet you want to remember the location and the surroundings of your spa. Do you want your spa to blend in with the natural environment of the landscaping you already have? Do you want it to be a statement piece standing out for the eye to see? No matter the look, you will most likely find it.

Be sure to inquire about the cabinet warranty. You do not need to worry about the integrity of the structure or the durability of the materials. Once your hot tub is set up, you only need to be concerned with your date with the hydrotherapy that awaits to rid your body of that unneeded tension as your relax in your very own hot tub.

The cabinet you select may have options. Often they come with steps to ensure the safety of you and yours as you get into and out of your spa. Be sure you have the proper space around your time for the safe placement of these steps. You want to be sure they are level and on a solid surface. Rails are often another feature that is available with the cabinet surround.

You need to think about whether you will need a rail to safely navigate your way into and out of your spa. As you consider this escape from the stresses of life, you must also consider how you will get in. Do you need the help and support of a rail? If you don't, maybe you have some family members who would enjoy and benefit from the hydrotherapy massage and relaxing environment of the tub, but might need the assistance of a rail to ensure their safety as they exit and enter the hot tub. It may be well worth the purchase of a rail to safely enjoy the use of the spa for you and your friends and family.

Some cabinets have storage within them. This is a great place to store chemicals out of sight. Consider this as you look at cabinets. If you don't have that storage in the cabinet itself, where will those items be stored? If those items are not conveniently located within close proximity to the tub you will be adding time and frustration to the care and maintenance of your hot tub. And your hot tub is not supposed to add stress to your life; it's supposed to wash that stress away in its soothing massaging waters.

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