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Hot Tub Buying Guide

How to move a hot tub

You are relocating to another house in another city or state. Maybe you are just moving across town. And, of course, you plan to move your hot tub with you. Your hot tub is likely the bulkiest possession that you will need to move.

So, how do you move a hot tub? Very carefully. Seriously, you want to be careful when moving a hot tub. If you have hired movers to move your other possessions you will want to contact them to notify them that you have a hot tub to move. They will likely have a standard procedure for moving hot tubs. They may want to come take a look at its location, any obstacles that will hinder moving the tub to the truck and the best pathway to get the tub to the truck.

If you are packing your belongings on your own and loading the truck, well, kudos to you. You will save bundles, but you do want to be sure to move your tub properly. You do not want to damage the tub or injure yourself or the friends you have conned into helping you. A hot tub can be moved and it's not always that difficult. You need to have a plan and know what you are doing.

Start by disconnecting the tub from its electrical source. Pack up all the tub's accessories. Pack them well and individually. It is worth the time to do it right. You want to get the tub up and running as soon as possible so you can enjoy a relaxing hot soak to soothe those muscles you have put to work while moving all your belongings as well as relieving the stress that inevitably comes with a move.

Next, drain the tub and all its inner plumbing systems. You can use a shop vac to blow out any excess water. Allow the tub to dry.

Moving a tub takes not only muscle, but some brain power as well. Have a plan to move the tub. Have you cleared a route to the truck or trailer? Is the ground solid enough to support the weight of the dolly and tub? You will want to remove all obstacles between the spot where the tub is currently and where it needs to go. This may mean moving a railing, creating a ramp with some plywood, opening a gate or even creating a walkway over soft ground with plywood. Have your path ready ? it will be so much easier once you start.

You will need some supplies and helpers. Moving a hot tub will take 3-6 strong friends depending on the size of the tub, the distance it needs to travel and you moving equipment. A dolly, a couple furniture dollies or rolling platforms, some plywood, 2 x 4s or 4 x4s, straps, blankets, a truck or trailer. If you do not have furniture dollies, you could roll the tub on pvc pipes, but this is not the first recommendation.

A couple guys should lift one side of the tub, another place the 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 under that side. Then lift the opposite side placing the other 2 x 4 under. Now the tub is raised a couple inches off the ground. Slide the furniture dollies under the tub and begin carefully rolling the tub to the truck. You can strap the tub to the dollies to ensure it does not slide.

Have as many people moving the tub as possible to prevent injury or damage. You will want to use a ramp and some manpower to get the tub into the truck. Once inside the truck secure with straps if appropriate. Also, wrap the tub in blankets, towels or other protective layer to keep the tub from being damaged while in transit. You want to be sure to have some helping hands at the destination to help get the tub out of the truck and set into its new home so you can get it hooked up immediately.

You may want to contact your local dealer to see what they recommend. Sometimes local dealers will move hot tubs for a small fee. This is also recommended for your new hometown. Give them a call to see what they might charge.

Be safe, be smart and you can move that tub to your new house and begin enjoying shortly.

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