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Why are Hot Springs & Marquis one of the only manufacturers to state energy consumption in writing on their web sites?  I haven't seen any TP manufacturers post anything.  I know a manufacturer who had their TP tested and never released the results.   :-X  Hmmmm?  Eventually the tested truth will come out.  

Simply put I have had it explained that it is because they are the only companies that have subjected themselves to a governmentally approved research studies like Energy Wizard and Energy Guide instead of paying an independent company to come up with the answers they wanted.

My guess is that you will soon see spas rated and regulated as appliances and all be required to meet the same standards for energy testing.

I also believe that due to unjust temp regulations being recommended you will see much of the industry pull away from UL.....

What unjust temp regulations?

LOL - have you read the reports?  
The Hotspring test is based on a measly 115V spa with weak pumps used for a grand total of 1 1/2 hours a week with the jets on in a controlled environment and no lower than 50F.
Sure the Marquis shows more models, but it's going in an environmentally controlled chamber and it goes no lower than 50F also.  The jump between 50F and 70F is substantial.  I wonder what 30F looks like?

They only cost pennies per day - sure at 70F.  What about at 20F or 30F?

It seem they reported only the results that looked good for them against no one else.

These results are no more proof of anything than the ARC results, which also were independent by the way and had to be performed in a controlled environment.  From what I've seen, ARC is a respected institute.  Unlike these tests, the ARC took into account that in some places, it gets below 50F.  

I'm really not sure what the purpose of the statement by Mr. Kyle was other than to see how quickly his post could be moved into BADH.  You know you could have accomplished it just as fast by placing Arctic in the title. ;D


--- Quote ---They only cost pennies per day - sure at 70F.  What about at 20F or 30F?

--- End quote ---

It jumps to nickels.


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