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Why should I buy a Hot Tub?
The Real cost of owning a Hot Tub
Types of Hot Tubs
Hot Tub Electric concerns - 220 vs. 110
Your options: Seats
Your options: Jets
Your options: Filtration and Purification
Your options: Surround
Your options: Cover
Shopping options: Local Dealer
Shopping options: Big Box Retailers
Shopping options: Online
Where to locate your new hot tub
Going to put it on a deck?
Hot tub foundations
What type of buyer are You?
"x" Person Hot Tub
How to shop for a spa
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Hot Tub Buying Guide

Locating your hot tub inside your home, will expand the time you can use the spa to 24/7. You're hot tubbing will not be circumscribed by a nor'easter, freezing weather or flailing wind. The prime locations in your home could be a converted basement or even a master bath. But before you start with a saw or hammer consider the following.

Is there enough physical room for the spa. Measure the space accurately before you choose a spa. The get hot tub dimensions along with the space required for ancillary equipment such as a filter and any extra plumbing. And don't forget an exhaust fan. There needs to be a place for the moisture laden air to go or you will have significant mildew problems. Make sure you have the cost of a fan and its installation in mind before going further.

Since you have those spa dimensions in your hand, make a quick assessment of the doors and awkward corners the spa will have to go through and around before it finds its final resting place. Tight hallways and limited door width can put the kibosh on your hot tub plans and leave your spa stuck in the middle of the basement steps.

Also take into consideration the weight of the hot tub, fully filled. Water is heavy and a filled hot tub can add two to three thousand pounds of extra weight on your house structure. Look at the specifications of the hot tub for an indication of how much water the tub will hold plus the weight of the tub itself. A failing support system is not an expense you want to incur. Plan carefully.

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