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Model No: PR5
Manufacturer: Barefoot Spas

A hot tub with a lounger, lights and neck and shoulder jets.

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Avg. Price: $2754

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Barefoot Customer Service
Dec 13, 2015 10:20 am

First off I have no issue with the tub itself but if you are like me and prefer a vendor that stands behind their product with excellent customer
service you need to not purchase a Barefoot Spa. Purchased in Oct. 2014, we had a jet fail in Dec. 2015; well within the 3 year jet warranty.
Sometimes these thing happen; no big deal, I'll just contact customer service right? First off, no one ever answers the phone, its always a call-back.
Second when I did get to talk to a person, even though I had the model, serial#, purchase date and location I still needed to send a picture to them of
the jet for them to identify. Next the service agent gave me the wrong email address to send to. Second attempt, after another call-back I got the correct
address. I am attaching the exact exchange for you to see:
**My first email**
I need assistance replacing my hot tub jet. The one shown in the pictures, the center came out of the jet and was floating in the tub. The ball bearing
of the center spinner also were found in the bottom of the tub. Outer diameter of jet assembly is approx. 5 inches. The spa is a PB8 with serial# ######.
My name is Mark ######################, NC 28590. I talked to customer service today and was told to take pictures and submit to this web address for
replacement. If there are any further questions, please advise.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Please confirm receipt and delivery..... Thanks again.
Mark ###
If you need to contact me in a more timely manner please call my cell#:

**Barefoot Response**
Attached is the credit card authorization form to place your order for replacement jets. If you could fill out form completely and send it back either by fax or email.
The cost of the 5" replacement jet is $14.99 (each), plus $5.99 shipping.
However, the replacement jets that we sell are single whole directional jets and do not spin.
Once I receive authorization form I will then process your order. Once order is shipped you will receive an email with the fed ex tracking number.
Kind Regards,
Tina Powell
Customer Service

**My response**
I am attaching the credit authorization. However, I would like an explanation as to why I cannot get the same type spinner that came in the tub originally.
This failed jet was OEM from Barefoot?
Also, this tub was purchased on 8/30/14....just over a year. What is Barefoot's warranty period? I would have thought at least 3 years? Please elaborate on your warranty?
Mark ###

**Barefoot response**
Enclosed is copy of the Warranty Terms & Conditions (also on the Barefoot Spas website). Jets: 5 year. Barefoot Spas, covers the jets for five years form
the original date of purchase against Barefoot's manufacturing defects.If you are experiencing the center of your jet coming apart it is due to something
abrasive in your water that has caused the glue to come apart over time and that is not covered by warranty, as this is not caused by a flaw in manufacturing.
As far as the style, manufacturing no longer has the same type of jet that you currently have, we only have the directional one hole style jet at this time.
However, if you choose to replace it with the same style of jet you currently have you are welcome to do a google search to find that style of jet for replacement.
I did receive the cc authorization, please let me know if you wish to purchase the replacement jet from Barefoot Spas so I know to proceed in processing your order.
Thank You
Customer Service

**My response**
Barefoot Spa,
I'm calling BS on this response. I have a tub full of your OEM jets and none have failed but this one. I would think if my water was the problem I would
be seeing a multitude of failures. And for you to imply the water without even inspecting the jet closely for a manufacturing defect is somewhat ludicrous.
If this is the best barefoot spas can do with service it is apparent I have made a huge mistake with my purchase. Please provide me the contact numbers for
your supervisor and sales manager. I may end up having to purchase this $20 replacement but I will make sure to post enough negative remarks about your
brand that it may cost you fine people at barefoot spas a lot more. I will wait until after I speak with your representatives before I decide on the order processing.
Mark ###

**Barefoot response**
If you would like to request an RMA you may use RMA #15-7085 you may mail in the jet and we can test it for manufacturers defects.
Thank You,
Customer Service

**My response**
I am still waiting for the service manager and sales manager phone numbers please....

To this date I have never heard back from them. I attempted calling once more but only got voice mail again. I have since purchased after market jets
from online spa parts. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of BAREFOOT SPAS....

Date Purchased: 8/2014
Price Paid: $8
Recommend: No
Low cost spa, attractive design


Barefoot Spas sales approach
Dec 27, 2013 9:03 pm

I was pleasantly surprised with the process of buying my new hot tub. I was very skeptical at first from buying a tub at a manufacturer's direct sale. The salesperson, Lynn, was very knowledgeable about hot tubs in general and this particular brand. There was no "high pressure" to buy a tub which was my fear. He made me feel very comfortable about getting a tub at the show. The price was fantastic too!

Date Purchased: 12/20/2013
Price Paid: $5500
Recommend: Yes
High Quality Construction
Fantastic Warranty

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