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Softub Spa
Manufacturer: Softub - Family Leisure Products

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Avg. Price: $3499

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T-300 Softub
Aug 16, 2012 9:17 am

I cant be happier with my Softub. I bought it from Family Leisure Products at a local Home Show and was unsure at the time if it was a good purchase, but now i realize it was one of the best purchases i've made. All my aches and pains are gone! And my favorite thing about the Softubs is how inexpensive it is to run. Why pay a fortune just to enjoy your spa?! Also, i found this site helpful when shopping for supplies online; www.flpsoftub.com

NOTE TO READERS: WMCCALL DID NOT WRITE THIS REVIEW. While the review is genuine, the owners name was lost in the conversion to this forum software

Date Purchased: 2/2001
Price Paid: $4000
Recommend: Yes
inexpensive to operate.
easy to move.
easy to clean/maintain

Noticing a little wrinkling in the liner, but I think that is our fault for using pool chlorine instead of the Softcare Chlor.

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I Love my used Softub!!!
Aug 16, 2012 8:45 am

Wow i met this guy at the Home and Garden show named Shawn.
He sold me a used 300 for only $3000 and it came completely re build from the ground up and even a one year warranty on the tub. He even delivered it and set it up and taught me everything i know about how to keep the water maintanence free. Great job

Date Purchased: 04/2012
Price Paid: $3000
Recommend: Yes
Works like a charm

i didn't buy one earlier

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