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Master Spas
Manufacturer: Master Spas, Inc.

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Avg. Price: $9766

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Don't waste your money
Oct 28, 2016 1:53 pm

I am a long time hot tub owner and have lots of experience with different systems and different tubs. I bought my Master Spa Twilight Series 8.2 hot tub at a local hot tub expo where they toted up to 60%. I Paid a lot of money for my tub. I actually paid more than I would have at my local dealer. That's my fault. I didn't do enough research. 5 weeks later, my tub was delivered and I had it setup. The Lithium system they pushed as "The best system ever" is garbage. I have never used a more labor intensive system. If you do not put chemicals in every single day than your water goes crappy on you. (I was told this by the delivery guy and boy was he right) More chemicals + a higher cost for the chemicals themselves = an extraordinarily high maintenance cost. So much so that my local supplier don't even carry the stuff anymore. Too many complaints about it. The Bluetooth system which was an add on, has no tuner feature and only works if you have a mobile device within 10 feet of the tub. This kind of defeats the purpose of a Bluetooth system when you have to constantly leave your device on the side of the tub so the system can work. Might as well have a chord. Next, the the fall set in I went out on the fist morning of frost to see how my cover was sealing. There was steam shooting out the sides like a kettle was boiling!! I have many other complaints about this product such as filtration, incorrect information in the Manual, yadda, yadda yadda. Do yourself a favor and go with a different tub!!

Tried to posy on Masterspa website and they wouldn't allow it because of Profanity! LOL I copied and pasted it here

Date Purchased: May 2016
Price Paid: $14000
Recommend: No
Stays warm

everything else

Love & Hate My Master Spa
Jun 14, 2013 1:35 pm

Went to a 2010 Spa show in Wilmington Delaware and purchased a Master Spa (Twilight 8.3) through West Chester Spas, Pa (No longer in business). Spa was delivered in May, 2010. I have to say I love the Spa, but have had yearly issues from day one! From the start, the circulation pump was bad. Spa was under warranty and was repaired, Great! Spring 2011- the heater went bad. Service man told us he was replacing quite a few, Under warranty, Great! Spring 2012- Spa kept shutting down. After several days and several calls with West Chester Spa, it turned out one of the NEW filters was bad and not flowing properly. They replaced filters, Great! Spring of 2013- Noticed the water level kept dropping. One of the LED lights, which hadn't worked properly for about two years (but didn't really bother us) was cracked and leaking. Also the Spa kept shutting down. Why? Bad Heater. Again?
One Month out of warranty! Not Covered! Customer Service tells me it's due to Bad Water Chemistry. Really!!! I am meticulous when it comes to any maintenance in my home. I have followed their suggested cleaning and filter & water changes. We spent $9000.00 on a Spa that needs a new heater every two years?
Media, Pa

I see that 'dxb494' also had a heater fail. I would love to find out if others have bad heaters. Maybe we could get together.

Date Purchased: 5/2010
Price Paid: $9000
Recommend: No
When it Works, We love it!

Yearly Mechanical Problems

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Happy customer!!!!
Apr 20, 2013 1:32 pm
Jordan f

All I can say is WOW! I bought a twilight series after doing a ton of research. Super value, wonderful therapy. I love the lights at night.

Date Purchased: 03/13
Price Paid: $8200
Recommend: Yes
Value, lights, water is easy to take care of

Nothing really. My salesperson was super helpful.

Nov 24, 2011 1:05 pm

I purchased the T.S. 8.25 from Premium Wholesale at a travelling Expo show they had and I absolutely love it!

I have owned 2 other spas in the past and never really fell in love with them. Each time I moved houses I choose to leave the old one behind in search of something bigger and better... I am not sure I will leave this one behind!!!

My Arthritus doesn't act up any more as I sit in the neck jet seat that has biomagnets in it... just like the bracelet I use to wear but 10 times better!

I love it 45 mins/day of fun for both me and hubby!

Date Purchased: July/2010
Price Paid: $9595
Recommend: Yes
-amazing pressure: 2.5" plumbing versus the regular 1.5" found in other spas
-I switched my jets arouns to find the perfect combination... I think there are 6 different kinds of jets
-Amazing lighting
-Biomagnets placed in the neck jet captin seat have helped releave me of my Arthritus... as I understand it this is a feature patented by master spas.

-Filters are a little pricy but since I save on chemicals costs with the EcoPure filter I don't care on the trade off as Lithium is sooo easy to use

Poor Customer Service
Apr 24, 2011 9:03 am

We live in Ontario Canada. We bought this spa in June of 2010. When it arrived there were scratches on the top of the spa. I was told it would cost me $200 to have the scratches removed as it was a difficult move to get the tub placed where I wanted it. At no time did the tub come in contact with anything so how are the scratches my fault. It only took six months to getbthat problem resolved.

In February of 2011 the heatervstopped working. The same day I discovered this I notified my dealer. I was informed this was a problem Master Spa was having and the had approximately 30 heaters to replace. Two weeks later!!! they arrive to installvthe heater but it is frozen solid. The tech came back two days later with a portable heater to thaw thecspa heater.

With the the heater replaced I filled the tub only to find it drained the next day. Whilecwaitingbto have the heater installed one of the valves had frozen and cracked. I was told this was not covered under warranty because of "freezing caused by misuse or abuse".

Master Spa's heater failed in the middle of a Canadian Winter and the lines freeze. How is that misuse or abuse on my part.

I Amt not a very happy Master Spa customer. Still with out a hot tub.

Let's hope all you other Master Spa owners never need service!

Date Purchased: June 2010
Price Paid: $12000
Recommend: No
Nice tub when it's working


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