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Tiger River
Manufacturer: Watkins Manufacturing

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Poor quality
Feb 5, 2007 7:55 pm

We have gone through 4 (at least) heaters, circuit boards, valves, etc. Our warranty is about to end and we dread the next repair! It has not been reliable. In addition, almost all the jets have lost their plastic parts/covers. They fall out all the time. We have given up and just leave them out now.

Date Purchased: 01/02
Price Paid: $5000
Recommend: No
Like the layout

endless heater issues plus more...

This Tub Has Been a Nightmare For Us
Nov 30, 2005 2:11 pm

This Tiger River Spa is on its 6th heater. It has had switches and wires replaced, among other quality issues. I would never recommend a Tiger River or Hot Spring Spa to anyone after the experience we have had. If you are in the market to spend a lot of money on a spa that needs multiple repairs, with little resolution from the manufacturer, this one is for you. Watkins Manufacturing has been very unhelpful to us as we try to resolve the parts quality problems we have encountered.

Date Purchased: 01/01
Price Paid: $4900
Recommend: No
The repairman does a good job cleaning up whenever he leaves.

Multiple part failures. Endless repairs needed. Little effort on the manufacturer's part to rectify ongoing problem.

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