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Great, but not perfect
Aug 4, 2005 2:43 pm

The Majesta is a very nice hot tub. It is listed as a 5-6 person spa, but it would be a little cramped with that many in it. The jets are powerful and easily adjustable. The circulation pump is quiet, and can operate the waterfall without having to turn on one of the larger, noisier jet pumps. The cool down seat is a very nice feature because the ledge around the sides of the tub would be very hard to balance on if you wanted to just dangle your feet in the tub while cooling down. The lighting is very nice at night, although you cannot see the lighting at all during the day. The stereo sounds great, but the remote could use some improvement. When changing radio stations with the remote you can't tell which station you are on unless you get out of the tub and look at the stereo. The remote needs an LCD screen to show the radio station, or CD track in use etc. The pillows are not very comfortable at all. They are just slightly softer than the tub shell, and they tend to pop off when getting in and out of the tub. So far water maintenance has been very easy. A few teaspoons of dichlor after each use, and a weekly doseage of defender are all that I have had to do thus far. I have not used the aromatherapy feature yet. The filters are very easy to change, and they keep the tub sparkling clean with very little maintenance. The cental foot massager is my favor feature, and the water pressure there is adjustable from my favorite seat. The foot massager also works great for massaging your calves and hamstrings by just sliding further down in one of the seats. Overall this is a great spa and I highly recommend it.

Date Purchased: 6/05
Price Paid: $7500
Recommend: Yes
Stereo, Jet flexibility, ease of maintenance

Pillows, stereo remote

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