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strong spa cyprus
Model No: cyprus
Manufacturer: strong spa

3/4 seater tub with 18 adjustable jets, 2KW heater and L.E.D mood lighting

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Avg. Price: $4551

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strong spa cyprus- FANTASTIC!
Dec 15, 2010 5:36 am

ok weve had the hot tub for over 6 months now and i must say its fantastic! weve had so much use out of it, and it shows no signs of malfunction. The review:
we bought the tub from splashandrelax.co.uk and they were very helpful from the start. The tub was a little bigger than expected even though we had the measurements! I had to take the garden gate off it hinges and move the shed back to squeeze it through, we also had to hire a manual pallet truck to move the tub and it wasnt easy but we got there in the end! also bear in mind you have have to have a qualified electrician to fit an outside socket with a circuit breaker on as standard- our house is a new build so already had a circuit breaker on the system, but he put one on anyway. Socket done and tub in place it was time to fill the tub, we have an outside tap nearby so we filled from that- it took about an hour. Now it was time to add the chemicals: i struggled with this at first because i was new to the whole hot tub / pool chemical thing but once id figured it out , it was easy- i added 1 and a half tablespoons of chlorine granules to the tub and switched on. The screen read F4 i think, which means the tub will turn the pumps and filter on 4 hours out of 12, but you can change this later to more or less if you choose- i keep it at that and it runs fine. Also i turned the temperature up to 38 and left the tub with the cover on over night. The following morning i went out and pulled off the cover to be welcomed by lovely hot water and couldnt wait to get in! After 6 months ive had quite a bit of experience with the tub so now know exactly how much chlorine to add after a dip, when to clean the filter cartridge, when to start heating the tub up so itll be ready to get in etc and you will be the same after a few weeks of owning it. The controls on the tub are really easy to work- temp up and down, light on/off (also there are different options with the lights: turn on then off, on then off, on then off to get a different colour to stay on rather than having the colour change mode, and there is also a 'strobe' effect which would be cool for partys! Talking of parties: the tub also has drinks holders set into the rim all the way round which is a great feature, then there is pumps on low/full, and two air control dials which obviously control the ammount of 'force' the jets have. There are 3 seats in the tub although you could squeeze in 4 at a push but we and are friends are quite small!-there is one captains seat which is really deep with back massage jets, a reversible lounger with multiple jets, one higher up seat with one jet at your back and one small normal seat with a jet at your back- and the feet area with multiple jets. All the jets can be controlled by turning clockwise /anti clockwise to alter the ammount of flow. Coming back to the lights: there is a waterfall with the l.e.d lights in it and also an underwater light in the foot area- thought i should mention that. The tub heats up at approx 3/4 degrees an hour, i keep the tub constantly at 32 on the dial so when i want to get in it takes about 3 hours to get it up to temp {40} maximum! i like it hot! for some this would be way too hot but as its winter! 32 is a reasonable temp to keep the tub at as it would cost more on the bill to keep heating it up from low temperatures, talking about the cost to run: after reviewing my electric bill i hardly notice a difference- its cheap to run. As i said before im now an expert {or so i like to think} at adding the pool chemicals: i add 1 tablespoon of granules the morning after a dip and it keeps the water sparkling and the chlorine reading good but not too high, i also 'shock' the tub once a week using non chlorine spa shock. I recommend using hot tub test strips to test the water with- theyre really easy to use: one quick dip and match the colour code to the back of the box. To sum the tub up: its a really great product for the money- its performance is great, its not noisy, only when the pumps are on full does it get a little noisy. The whole structure of the tub is sturdy and the acrylic material makes it really easy to clean and wipe down (other cedar wood tubs wear over time- not this baby) its powerful, try it on full if you dare! it nearly pushed me out of the tub! the controls are easy to work, it heats up quick and its easy to maintain- all that said what are you waiting for? get it ordered!!! its THE best purchase ive made in a loooooong time! oh and one more thing: using it in -3 weather outside is great, sitting there with all the steam rising is so relaxing! happy hot tubbing!

there is a video of the tub at this URL


Date Purchased: may 2010
Price Paid: $4551
Recommend: Yes
i like the all acrylic shell which doesnt wear over time, the fast warm up heater, the mood lighting- so relaxing! and how powerful the jets are.... i love it all!


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