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Spa Replacement Cover
Manufacturer: Spa Cover Direct

A Spa covers allows the user to physically cover a spa or hot tub thereby preventing heat loss, provide security and help keeping the spa clean.

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Avg. Price: $695

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spa cover
Jun 14, 2013 3:50 pm


Date Purchased: o6/2013
Price Paid: $695
Recommend: No

how in the world is 695 dollars a good price for a hot tub cover??????

Per Kinsale0353's comments
Jun 5, 2013 11:05 am

In response to his complaint, the customer ordered a 96" cover, received a 96" cover, and completely admits it in his complaint. The problem he had is that he DID NOT follow the very simple instructions to measure the OUTSIDE edge of the tub, basically, to provide us with the measurement of the cover he needs, and he provided the dimension of the hole of the tub that you actually get into. Obviously the cover is not going to fit, it is now a float! The cover drops right into the tub. This is not our fault whatsoever, we stress all over our web site that we will make the cover to the dimensions that we are provided, which as he states himself, he received! We do not add or subtract a single inch, that would only backfire on our part. Yes, we advised him to try and sell it on craigslist, this is only because we cared enough that he made the mistake of ordering the cover incorrectly and didn't want him to take a total loss. In fact, in alot of cases you can sell it for more than what was paid for it since our pricing is so low as compared to retail outlets. 96" is 96", no matter how you look at it. I fhis tub was actually 96", the cover would have fit just fine. He was only trying to get out of paying for the next larger size, which after 96", the prices go up as it is considered an oversized cover. We have no way of knowing if the measurement he provided was wrong, that is impossible unless we go out to every location and measure the tub ourselves. It is as simple as measuring a box, (or the diameter in this case) and it wasnt done properly. Not our fault. We offered to make another cover at a VERY discounted price but instead he felt we should eat the wrong cover and make a new one for free. We are not in the business to make wrong covers and make a corrected one at a loss. If you have any questions regarding this complaint, feel free to call us at 954-925-3455. We will be glad to walk you through the ordering process from beginning to end. The videos he commented on also shows in very simple terms on how to make your measurements. It's sad that some can't follow simple instructions or try to get something for nothing.

Spa Cover Direct

Date Purchased: 10/2012
Price Paid: $695
Recommend: Yes
We DO back our work, but if ordered incorrectly, we cannot be held responsible. If we made his cover at 95", we would have made a new one immediately at no cost. We are not in the business of paying for other peoples mistakes though. I hope this is self explanatory and not sound rude.

Bad experience buying spa cover
Nov 15, 2012 3:37 pm

I recently ordered a Spa Cover on-line from Spa Cover Direct, a purported manufacturer of quality replacement spa covers. This firm stresses the need to adequately measure your spa to ensure that the new cover fits your spa. They go so far as to providing a video demonstrating how to measure for your new spa cover. I ordered my spa cover from Spa Cover Direct on October 20, 2012 providing exact spa measurements of my spa, per their instructions. Upon delivery, I examined the new spa cover closely only to determine it measures exactly 96" in diameter. The issue I have, my spa is also exactly 96" in diameter and the cover doesn't fit. upon reviewing Spa Cover Direct's website video, How to Measure a Round Spa Cover, I followed it's directions explicitly. As indicated, I measured the spa opening to be exactly 96" and typed 96" in the field marked Measurement A. In addition, I indicated in the Customer's Note: "My spa is an in-ground gunite, peeble-tech design with cantilever decking with a circular opening exactly 96". Now, I am not a rocket scientist by trade, nor am I an expert in designing and manufacturing spa covers as purported by your firm. However, I am familiar with the basic laws of physics and will tell you a 96" cover will not adequately cover a 96" spa. I immediately contacted Spa Cover Direct only to be told it's my problem, go sell it on E-Bay and we will sell you another cover. So, much for business integrity and customer satisfaction. Stay away from SPA Cover Direct.

Date Purchased: 10/2012
Price Paid: $695
Recommend: No
Spa Cover Direct is unresponsive to correcting complaints.

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