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Reflections 2006
Manufacturer: DM Industries

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Avg. Price: $9

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reflections P5 code
Jan 17, 2015 8:52 am
Larry Marshall

I have a reflections hot tub and its been a money pit for repairs. I have had 3 circ pumps and finally put in an Iron Might to replace the Tiny Might and its been two years without issue so far. I am on my 4th heater in 9 years, is that normal ?? 1 control panel and 1 circuit board too. Now after replacing all this I am getting a P5 code that turns to HILI after a day or so them kills the pumps so the breaker needs re-setting. This results in freezing if you don't catch it in time at -20 C. Does anyone know what sensor or part is causing this ? New filters, no filters, everything was tried to avoid flow restriction. I get the impression the board setting is not in line with the temp sensor and the conflict causes this error. Also the temp sensor was changed. I am frustrated, any help out there ?

Date Purchased: 2005
Price Paid: $8
Recommend: No
Very enjoyable for two years

expensive over time. Possibly our Canadian climate is too harsh for a California hot tub.

One month review
Apr 22, 2006 12:57 am

The Reflections Spa is made by the same company that makes Vita and is a "sister line" according to my dealer all though it seems likely that the Reflections line is intended to be a little less gadget-y than Vita. However most of the inner workings are similar or identical. There are 3 lines in Reflections Spas, premiere, ultra and ultra plus which is the highest of the three. The Ultra plus comes with full foam and 3 pumps plus a circulation pump with ozone included as well as N2 (called simple pure sanitation by Reflections). The spa also has a fairly typical LEDlight option, air blower with fragrance cartridges option and stereo option. My spa has the LED lights but no blower or stereo (I had outdoor speakers over the spa already)

This spa has a big footprint, holding 550 gallons, a feature I like, as well as four separate corner seats allowing four adults to occupy the spa comfortably without feeling the least bit crowded. It supposedly has "no bypass" filtration with three filters, one for the circ pump and one each for pump 1 and 2. Not sure how pump 3 is filtered, which controls only the foot dome with 8 foot jets and a central volcano jet plus another volcano in the back of one of the side seats.

I prefered an open spa with no lounger and this one fit the bill. But I can still create a lounger from any corner seat by simply stretch out along the side of the spa.

Spa has two control panels with an LCD display for the main one. The LCD lights up but the buttons themselves are difficult to see in the dark andcould use some lighting. Also has 2 waterfalls that can be controlled by a diverter. LED lights will do the usual color changes. Variety of diverters provide ability to control the spa for the comfort of the individual soaker although diverters are not laid out in what I would consider the most ergonomical fashion.

Manual could be more thorough but the spa is generally very simple to operate.

Overall satisfied so far and would recommend to anyone seeking a large open seating tub, especially if you like strong jets and foot therapy!

Date Purchased: March 2006
Price Paid: $9
Recommend: Yes
Room for 4 or more without feeling crowded but plenty of variety and flexibility for one or two. Great pressure to all seats even with every jet open. Good foot jets in the central foot dome. 3 separate pumps with diverters to create a large variety of therapy options. Long standing company in the spa industry.

Loud obnoxious gurgle from neck jets above waterline when pumps to them are turned on but the neck jets are turned off (neck jets have their own separate diverter, a nice feature) at the same time that the air diverter for the same seat is turned off. A few other minor issues (see review) but none of those would cause me to reconsider my decision.

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