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Atera Anytemp Spa
Model No: ATCTS8-44
Manufacturer: Atera Anytemp Spa

Atera Anytemp Spa with chiller

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Avg. Price: $9632

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Atera Spas, the best
Dec 7, 2015 6:00 pm

Robert S.

Wow, I've had a TOTALLY POSITIVE experience with Atera Spas. I just bought a second spa from them. The first spa is still alive and quite well at our cabin in Idyllwild.
I got my new spa with their chilling unit. It's nice taking a cool dip in the hot AZ Summer. No other spas I checked have this feature. My installation was tricky. It required a crane and running new electrical power to it. Chuck, the owner of Atera, personally coordinated the delivery and even got on the phone with my electrician and talked him though what he needed to do. Everything went incredibly smooth. I love Atera Spas!!!

Date Purchased: April 2015
Price Paid: $12000
Recommend: Yes
The Chiller unit
American made quality

A little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Sep 28, 2015 12:20 pm

Do NOT buy anything from this place. I bought the spa and it was delivered with a destroyed cover. Their initial response was "not our fault," you bought it when it left the factory. After much arguing, they agreed to send a new cover but insisted that the warranty on the acrylic was now void because it didn't have a cover for a few weeks (I am not kidding). Then we had a problem with the wiring. Without ever looking at the dedicated breaker and line, they insisted that my electrician (fully licensed) had not wired the outlet properly and that my warranty was void. I had another electrician come and look at the wiring and he said everything was done correctly. However, he did inform me that the hot tub appeared to use "cut all corners construction" and you should really get a good hot tub.
The last two years have been filled with problems (thermostat, heater, pumps etc). Do your self a favor and avoid these people. The product is poor and the people/service are horrible.

Date Purchased: 6/2013
Price Paid: $9000
Recommend: No
It worked for 12 months

Service is awful
People do not stand behind their product

Atera cold spa swim spa
Oct 18, 2013 6:29 pm

We purchased a atera swim spa in may, it was delivered about 6 weeks later and looked even better than we expected. At first we were concerned about the very small amount of water treatment that we were told to add but after speaking to John at the clear choice he assured us that we were doing it well.

Our neighbor had been very curious about the swimming part of the spa, he came over and used it twice over the summer and has now ordered one as well.

In our community we have a pool but this is much easier to get a workout in the backyard. Were a bit older and are not swimming anywhere fast but its a nice pace on our unit.

They came out and set it all up, the crane delivery was a sight to see taking it over the house.

We use it daily and are very happy with the company and the water additive.

Date Purchased: 05-13-13
Price Paid: $15
Recommend: Yes
easy use water system
local company builds here in az
family owned
great customer service

had to wait 6 weeks from when we ordered
a bit confusing to set up treatment
cover is hard with 1 person to take off

Poor customer service, confusing fine print...
Jul 30, 2013 9:12 pm

We purchased our spa from Atera nearly two years ago. The customer service during the purchasing of the spa was great, of course. The main selling point of the Atera Spa is the chiller option. Living in Phoenix, AZ, this is a fantastic option - if it works. Unfortunately, we have never been able to get ours to function properly. Our spa was delivered at the end of October 2011 and was wonderful all the winter. As the temperature started to rise, we started to lower the temperature of the spa. The chiller ran and ran and ran and never cooled the spa. We contacted Atera and were informed it was because the spa was sitting in the afternoon sun. So, this past winter, we covered our entire patio so the spa would be in full shade. Problem solved? Not at all. Once again, this summer the spa still will not get below 93-95 degrees (so much for the promised 30 degrees temperature split from ambient). Again, we contacted Atera and were told to make sure the middle filter was clean...check - gets cleaned every week; then make sure the evaporative coil is clear of debris...check; then make sure the cover isn't loose...check. Still no cool water. Finally (after I showed up in person in the showroom so they couldn't ignore me) they sent a service technician who knew nothing about the spa and in fact started asking us questions about how it should operate. My husband actually ended up finding the chiller plug that was completely burned, indicating a bigger electrical problem, possibly in the compressor. He contacted the owner of the company - again - who, over a week later, sent a different employee out to inspect the spa. He replaced the circulation pump and the heater and then reached the conclusion that the problem was our fault and that our warranty was now void due to bad water maintenance??? He stated we were using too many of the water sanitizing drops (Clear Choice) they recommend and that they had clogged the system. We were using the drops how we were instructed to use them and the water in the spa is clear and not giving us any of the 'warning' signs of overuse that are listed in the owner's manual. On top of that, according to the owner's manual, the spa itself is supposed to give an error message if water flow is restricted so you can shut it off before is does any damage. Never received that error message. I could see the warranty being voided if the technician showed up and the water was green and growing algae, but clear?!?! Needless to say I have once again read everything the owner's manual has to say regarding water maintenance and the limited warranty exclusions and have reached the conclusion that Atera has built in some convenient loopholes to get out of warranty service. The water maintenance instructions are vague at best - basically putting the owner in the position of having to just 'play' with the dosing amount until it seems correct and hope it doesn't clog the lines in the meantime and void your warranty. As a business owner, I understand that warranty work cuts into your profits, but bad word of mouth cuts into your profits even more.

Date Purchased: 8/25/11
Price Paid: $11000
Recommend: No
Great jets

customer service
long wait period to receive product

Great Customer Service, Fantastic Spa
Nov 2, 2012 3:14 pm
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Date Purchased: 10/2012
Price Paid: $10000
Recommend: Yes
Great Customer Service
Powerful jets
Lots of Jets
Chemical Free


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