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Atera Anytemp Spa
Model No: ATCTS8-44
Manufacturer: Atera Anytemp Spa

Atera Anytemp Spa with chiller

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Avg. Price: $9632

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Great Customer Service, Fantastic Spa
Nov 2, 2012 3:14 pm
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Date Purchased: 10/2012
Price Paid: $10000
Recommend: Yes
Great Customer Service
Powerful jets
Lots of Jets
Chemical Free


Great Spa
Jun 24, 2011 6:30 pm
will atams

We bought the atera spa from them her in az, i wasnt sure about the cooler but now that its hot out i dont think i could be happier. The monthly increase in my bill is about 25 bucks but i have the spa at 82 degrees.

We are using the enzyme drope and have just loved it my wife is alergic to chlorine so its great to have no chemicals in the spa.

Thank you atera spas

The Walsh family
Sun City, AZ

Date Purchased: 04-15-11
Price Paid: $9800
Recommend: Yes
cold and hot tub
no chemicals
no cement pad
lifetime jet and cabinet warranty
made in USA

Takes 6 weeks to build it
only 3 exterior colors

Atera Spas
Feb 26, 2011 1:48 pm

I just purchased a Atera COLD & HOT Spa model CTS8-44 my wife and i wet tested the spa and were blown away, literally. It was the strongest spa we had ever sit in. We are here in phoenix so we got it with the Chiller option so we can keep it cold in the summer.

They say it can go all the way down to 62 i imagine we will be around 80ish. We will see, it gets delivered in about 6 weeks.

John Held

Date Purchased: 2-24-11
Price Paid: $11000
Recommend: Yes
No chemicals
very strong
cold chiller option
lifetime warranty on cabinet and jets!

have to wait 6 weeks

Great Tub
Aug 12, 2010 4:26 pm

I love my spa, i use it cold in the summer and use it as a pool! My wife uses it mostly in he winter as a hot tub but i love to use it in the summer months. Its 80 degrees now!

Date Purchased: Jan 2010
Price Paid: $10500
Recommend: Yes
NO Chemicals
Lifetime Jet warranty
HOT & COLD Option

Cover gets beat up in AZ Sun

Atera Spa Review
May 2, 2010 10:18 pm

This was our fifth spa purchase in approximately 25 years and we are confident that our Atera Spa is the best of the bunch. After owning four spas, we had a very good idea of what we wanted in our next unit. The spa had to have comfortable seating and lounges, powerful jets that offered good control and variability, a mix of jets to massage different stress points, quality construction to survive in our harsh climate and a solid company to back it all up. We found all of that and more in our Atera Spa.

During these difficult financial times, owning a spa may seem like a luxury. We tend to disagree. While it certainly is a financial investment, the payoff is better physical and mental health. As a pharmacist and from our own personal experience, we have found that twenty minutes in the hot tub results in lower blood pressure, better blood circulation, a significant decrease in muscle tension and true stress relief. Stepping into the hot tub is like a mini vacation we can take every day. The best part is that the actual cost is less than five dollars a day over the lifespan of the spa. Try taking a vacation for that price!

Date Purchased: 02/2008
Price Paid: $11000
Recommend: Yes
Chiller, green features, high quality

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