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Pinnacle Spas
Model No: PN 631
Manufacturer: Pinnacle Spas

84" x 78" x 34", 5 Person (1 lounge), 31 Jets, 1 pump dual speed, 285 Gallons, 710 lbs dry weight, 3091 lbs wet weight, 240 VAC 50 Amps.

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Avg. Price: $6500

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Pinnacle Spas PN 631
Oct 23, 2013 11:11 am
Michael Canada

I purchased a Pinnacle Spa, PN 631, in March of 2012. Enjoy the hot tub probably wish it had more jets.

Date Purchased: March 2012
Price Paid: $6500
Recommend: No
Perfect size for my deck 6 1/2 ft by 7 ft it still gives enough room to get around on my 12 ft deck. Seating is very comfortable. Dealer was able to provide a replacement pump for the leaky one.

The temperature drops fairly quickly in the winter when it is in ECO (economy) mode, so we run it in normal mode. After opening up the hot tub since wiring it up, I noticed that the insulation was probably not so good for northern climates. The insulation was recycled jean material shredded and formed into a pad one inch thick or so with a foil type backing on one side with a bubble plastic foil wrap around the entire tub. This insulation was stapled into the wooden frame made from low grade 2 by 4 wood that we would call economy studs (not square with rounded edges) material in Canada. To remove the insulation to allow access, you had to tear out the jean insulation, making it harder to reinstall and of course now leaving gaps where the staples (air nailed and some installed with a staple gun) were. The wood was then stapled together and is was easy to move the bracing by hand, hopefully it will not have to be moved very often. I spent $10000.00 in electricity to heat this tub in Nova Scotia Canada (-5 to -10 Deg C in winter), so I decided to add some additional insulation. During the installation of new insulation I noticed a few of the upper jets supply lines were bent over at extreme angles that severely restricted water flow. Bought a spray foam kit to insulate the top and bottom outer edges of the tub, put the hot tub on 2 inch ridged foam as there is only 1/4 inch of spray foam on the bottom of the tub, and removed the jean insulation and added 2 inch ridged foam in between all of the vertical studs and spray foamed them in place. I left the jean material in the two openings by the control panel for access, but I spray glued it to the plastic bubble foil insulation for easier access. The re-insulated tub holds the heat much better now, but have now noticed that the pump wet end was leaking. The dealer here gave me a replacement pump from the company (Yea!!!) and when I was installing it I noticed that when they cut back the insulation around the motor wires at the factory they nicked every single one of the wires Black, Red, White, and Green and had used 14 Gauge right angle 1/4" tab-female connectors instead of 12 Gauge, so I cut back the wire and replaced them with 12 Gauge ring terminals. We will see how this re-insulated tub goes through the winter. I would not purchase this brand of tub again as it is not designed for northern climates and seems to be poorly manufactured.

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