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Master Spa
Manufacturer: Down East Spa

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Avg. Price: $10750

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Down East Windsor SE (2007)
Nov 6, 2013 8:42 am

We've had our Down East Spa for about 6 months. It is just as we'd hoped for when we bought it. The two high intensity therapy seats are great and the neck and shoulder jets are really nice now that I've fitted them with jets to my liking. I like to fiddle with different style jets, so the Waterway jets are great as there are many styles made and they are readily available. I love the fact that there are no diverter valves and thereapy is available at all seats at all times. I'm glad we went with a simple spa focused on hyrdo-therapy rather than one with extra bells and whistles.

Date Purchased: Oct/2007
Price Paid: $7000
Recommend: Yes
Easy access for service
Ability to vent cabinet heat in Summer
Commonly available Waterway Jets

None so far in our hot climate

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Master Spa purchased in Syracuse NY
Oct 3, 2013 12:36 pm

We purchased our spa at what was advertised as a factory direct sale in Syracuse NY in July 2012. The reason for our purchase was theraputic as my husband has a fused spine from a car accident. The spa was delivered the next day as they were packing up and the circus was obviously leaving town the next day. We had our spa professionally installed in mid September because it took time to have a contractor lay the cement pad and do the wiring. We used our spa and properly maintained it accordingly for one year and two weeks. On September 25th we check the spa to find out that it was no longer operating and the circuit breaker kept kicking out. We called the manufacturer who gave us the number for a local repair company and advised us that it was no longer under warranty. The repair ended up being for the pump/control unit and cost us close to $500 to repair. According to the repair place a warrenty of only one year is very uncommon and there should be no reason why the product failed at one year. I have been trying to take this issue up with Master Spa whose website states that they stand by their product after the sale to no avail. Apparently not on top of this obviously being a very poorly made product. One of their main selling points is that it is made here in the U.S. and we were happy to support and maintain jobs here in the U.S. which was another reason for buying this spa. Considering that technically the warrenty was only two weeks out of time they should have at least attempted to resolve our issue. Instead this company takes a too bad so sad attitude. Be warned that wjile they say they stand by their product and state they make a good quality spa the opposite is in fact the case. Be prepared to pay to fix this product or turn it into a very, very expensive fish pond in one year.

Date Purchased: 7/13
Price Paid: $4000
Recommend: No
Poorly made electronics and company does nothing to help the customer. Product failed in one year.

Master Spa H2x
Jun 28, 2007 5:40 pm

I bought the spa at a trade show and took delivery a few weeks after that. We bought it, primarily, for our daily exercise (swimming against the current). It was going great until the "propulsion system" deteriorated - hence, cannot be used anymore.

Called the dealer (MASTER SPAS OF TEXAS) on numerous occasions to get service - voicemail, and never got acknowleged.

Date Purchased: March 2007
Price Paid: $24000
Recommend: No
Nicely built

Dealer's Customer Support. The manufacturers gurantees their product through the dealers.

Master Spa/Down East
Jul 18, 2006 12:48 am

Date Purchased: 7/24/2005
Price Paid: $8000
Recommend: Yes
Beautiful spa & high quality

You should be able to turn the speakers in another direction when they are up

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