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What a Reward for working hard!
Sep 29, 2004 5:21 pm

My background is in electrical engineering for the semiconductor industry. I researched spa's for around 3 years before deciding on the Marquis line. The reason for the marquis line was the best quality and engineered spa for the price. I looked at comparable 6 person spas from Hot Springs (Vanguard had 2 similar Moto-Massage seats but the layout wasn't for me, but the Hot Springs was well engineered as well), MasterSpas, LA Spas, Artesian, Caldera, Jacuzzi, Coleman. All of these spas are very good but I was impressed with the little things Marquis has done such as rubberized mountings for the dual 48 frame and 56 frame pump system. When I build and design products, I try to beef up the foundation or infrastructure of a product, without having all of the fancy schmancy bells and whistles. I guess the Marguis line fit my personality. I also had looked at larger tubs (Euphoria, Vista, Grandee, etc) but I didn't want a huge tub since this was mostly for family purposes.

The seating arrangement is great for a small family. I have 2 sons and they love the bench area with the lounger. Marquis also has the whirlpool action which we usually put on low speed when we have friends over.

All in all, a great tub for the price, and almost zero exterior maintenance (I wish my house was this way).

We've already enjoyed some great family moments in the tub. Our youngest son, who is 4, when he was in the tub for the 1st time, leaned backwards and put his arms up around a corner and said "Ah, this is the life". Isn't that the truth? Having any Spa really makes you appreciate your efforts to enjoy it. As a bonus, I look forward to chatting with my family in the tub on a nightly basis. I expect our conversations to have a different meaning as our children grow up during the next few years.

If you are looking for spas, I suggest looking at leftover models after the holiday season when dealers are attempting to move leftover inventory for the new model year lineup. If you can live with the "leftover" model for a substantial price difference, it's worth it IMHO. That would be for any spa.

Price included extra filters (2), cover, cover lifter, durasteps, Marquis chemical package, and additional chemicals (I use mostly Spa56 (dichlor) and Renew (MPS for only shock along with dichlor and enhanced oxidation purposes) for my sanitation routine)

I also want to say that my 2nd choice was Hot Springs because it was well engineered with excellent build and material quality but the Vanguard (similar in size) was $1K more than the Reward. At least in the area where I live.

Date Purchased: 2/03
Price Paid: $6100
Recommend: Yes
Material Quality
Dual Pump System
Non-Wood base (Durabase)
Filter Positioning
Whirpool jetting for entertaining

1. No-Frills (optical lighting)
2. 1 jet cover (wrap around 1 small HKS jet) popped off but I popped it back on after using a silicone water proof caulk to help it stay on.

Marquis Reward Spa
Dec 23, 2003 10:01 am

All I have to say is great spa.... Ive had it for 3 months now and it has been great...... I was at first going to go cheap but after all my research Im glad I didnt!!!!!!

Date Purchased: 10/1/03
Price Paid: $6200
Recommend: Yes

At this time I dont have anything bad to say about the spa.

Great hot tub!
Jun 26, 2003 10:59 pm

Great dealer (Bassemeiers), great warranty, Super powerful jets. Shell and dura-wood skirt seem vert durable. My wife, kids and I all love it. Hope to keep it a long long time

Date Purchased: June 2003
Price Paid: $6499
Recommend: Yes
powerful, great warranty, excellent dealer, my wife does not float out of the lounger

some seats too deep for my kids.. they'll grow into them I guess :)

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