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Island spa series
Model No: Captiva
Manufacturer: Artesian

What is says above.

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Avg. Price: $8900

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Artesian Captiva
Jan 24, 2021 9:21 pm

Bought this new off the floor during the pandemic, it was set up as a display with water in it but the water was cold so no wet test or even a dry sit in test (unfortunate). Got it delivered and set up all was doing good till I got in. It was a 7 foot tub but seemed small, 2 of the seats by the filters were so constricting and uncomfortable I see why they call it the "Captiva"!! The big floor jet popped out the first day, never to stay in again. Tub would NOT maintain temp, set at 104 and it would be 106-107 almost every time, the store gave me the excuse it was due to great insulation, what a crock! They came out to check it and bring new floor jet and change out the temp sensors, didn't help with the temp and the new jet would not stay in either! Tried to give me a line about setting my thermostat lower, but that is NOT how things work! After several trips out to work on it they agreed to come get it and give us a refund!
YAY,Kudos to the store!

Date Purchased: October 2020
Price Paid: $8900
Recommend: No
None I can think of

Seats to constricting due to oversized filter well.
Over priced for what it is
Tub wont maintain proper set temperature!

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