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Dec 4, 2012 1:10 am
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I've been using the Jetsetter for 18 years with no major problems. Had to replace the cover and the circulating pump. It has had a leak for the last couple of years which is getting worse. I fixed it a couple of times with the stop-leak product, but it no longer lasts for more than a few weeks, so it's time to get a new one. Haven't really ever needed their service since I replaced the circulating pump myself. There is no way to locate a leak since the tub is foam packed.

Date Purchased: 1994
Price Paid: $3200
Recommend: Yes
Has lasted 18 years without major problems.

Being foam packed, there is no way to locate a leak and fix it.

Sovereign - Seven Years No Problems!
Apr 14, 2011 11:33 pm

We got our Hot Springs Sovereign in 2004. We've had nothing done to it other than that the air control valves had to be replaced (under warranty) and inside control panel (warranty, too). The recliner is great, and a wonderful assortment of jets to make everyone happy. It seats five comfortably, but we rarely have more than three.

It is so well insulated that snow will remain on top and around it nearly as long as the rest of the snow in your yard. But you'll want to shovel the snow away, because winter is the best time for the spa! We estimate it costs only a few dollars per month in electricity. Ours runs on 220V, but you could get 110V when we bought it as well.

We whittled our choices down to Hot Springs or Sun Dance, and found the Hot Springs to be more comfortable and the jets to be less harsh. We wet-tested both and decided on the Sovereign in pearl. Great choice!

Date Purchased: 2004
Price Paid: $7500
Recommend: Yes
Completely insulated.
Inexpensive to run.
Dishwasher-safe filters.
100% filtering with each cycle of water.

Air Control Valves tend to go out of whack.

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Sovereign REIGNS!
Sep 28, 2004 5:01 pm

After much research, we finally purchased the Hot Springs SOVEREIGN and absolutely love this spa! We looked at several Tiger River models, and also the Hot Springs Envoy. We wet tested both the SOVEREIGN (33 inch depth) and Envoy (36 inch depth) and went with the SOVEREIGN because of the slightly smaller size, and believe it or not, the extra 3 inches of depth in the Envoy made it hard to stay seated when the jets were on. We're both very tall (5'8" & 6'3"), and could not stay seated in the Envoy with jets full blast. That's one powerful tub!! If you're looking for a high-performance tub, the Envoy is it! We were really more interested in energy-efficiency than high-performance. The SOVEREIGN is just right depth-wise. You can put your arms up on the sides quite easily and if you have shorter folks soaking with you, it's easier for them to stay seated. The SOVEREIGN delivers energy-efficiency and excellent jet power/performance. Since we put this tub on a newly built (super-supported) deck, we figured the less weight the better! That was the major reason we went with the SOVEREIGN overall, and it seemed a better fit for our long-term needs, which was mainly hydro therapy for a variety of muscular problems.

We really struggled with our decision - afraid we might buy the wrong one! We were concerned that we'd regret not buying the more powerful Envoy. Our spa salesman said the 1 major mistake most first-time buyers make is that they tend to over-buy what they need. We took this to heart and are very glad we purchased the SOVEREIGN. We have been in it daily for the past several weeks and don't regret our purchase at all!

Date Purchased: 07/04
Price Paid: $6995
Recommend: Yes
Excellent arrangement of seats with nice variety of high-intensity and low-intensity seating. Cool off seat is nice. Quiet jets - we can carry on a normal conversation when jets are running full blast. Powerful jets - we are pleased with the power the jets put out. Great circulation of water during operation. Thoughtful placement of arm rests. Contoured seats. Interior control panel for lights & jets is wonderful.

Wish that the SOVEREIGN had 1 more footwell jet! It's kind of hard for the non-lounge bathers to all use 1 footwell jet when it's on. The lounge has it's own, which is very nice, but the other 5 bathers all have to share 1!!!

5 Year SPA
Apr 8, 2004 2:43 pm

The spa lasted 5 years and then everything started to break. The worst part is the company I purchased the spa from, Great Atlantic of Virginia Beach. They couldn't even fix the thing, but they sure knew how to bill me for $500.00.

Date Purchased: 10/1997
Price Paid: $5000
Recommend: No
Was nice till the problems started.

The spa lasted 5 years and then everything started to break. The worst part is the company I purchased the spa from, Great Atlantic of Virginia Beach. They couldn't even fix the thing, but they sure knew how to bill me for $500.00.

Constant Problems
Nov 20, 2003 3:21 pm

I've had a hot springs Sovereign for just over 5 years and have had nothing but trouble with it.

The jets went on 'by thenselves' many times for no reason. After many attempts to adjust the panel, they finally had to replace the all the wiring and add new panels. Now they are very hard to operate.

The heater broke (in the winter of course) and was replaced. The following year I ws sent notice that this heater (the new one) can catch fire! I was sent protective sleeves that had to be installed. I'm still worried about this. It sometimes does not automatically come back on after the electricity goes out.

Now the spa has a leak - it's questionable whether it started before the warranty expired. But it's certainly no fun to know your very expensive spa will only last 5 years. We've had to drain it now for the winter because the leak is causing icing under our deck.

The biggest problem is getting it serviced. It can take up to 6 months to get someone out to fix the problems. We can't get the leak fixed. We can't use the spa in the cold weather until it is fixed.

This spa was just big waste of a time and a lot of our money!!!!

PS I have complained to Watkins for over 6 months and have gotten no satisfaction from them or their help in getting the spa repaired. All they said was to be careful when you drain it to get out all the water. So now I have an empty spa - for how long?? Not a life time of relaxation

Date Purchased: 3/1998
Price Paid: $6500
Recommend: No
When it works, it's comfortable and the jets are OK.

Too many breakdowns. Now after 5 years and the warranty ran out we can't use it and no one will fix it.

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