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Jun 20, 2015 8:20 pm
Debbie Rice

Absolutely love mine! I got the sound system and absolutely love it! We also got the foe brick base along with the matching stairs and it also was better than I thought it would be! Well worth the money as it doesn't look like a big box sitting there! It is pricey but we have had a great experience.

Date Purchased: 4/2015
Price Paid: $15000
Recommend: Yes

Pricey but we wanted the spa experience!

A lot has failed on our Grandee in under 2 years!!
Feb 8, 2015 10:24 pm

Within the 1st year we have replaced, 3 control panels, circulator pump, heater, Ace system, 12 replacement parts to the cover lifter (it was dangerous to keep the cover up, as the gas spring kept snapping). Watkins always respons as though you are the only one having issues, but after reading many reviews, I find a lot of people are!!!! We have had, at least, 10 service calls, (paid for by Watkins). When we called on our 3rd failed control panel, Watkins said OOOPS, we have a better one with a moisture barrier! What? The older one didnt have a moisture barrier??! This is a product that hold 500 gallons of water, and you enter the hottub over the control panel. Wouldnt you think they would have the best moisture barrier around??? We have had this one for 9 months, we shall see!!!

Date Purchased: 04/14/2012
Price Paid: $12000
Recommend: No
Enjoyable when working, but that doesnt happen for a long period of,time.

Too many failed major componants for such an expensive purchase!!!

Hot Springs Grandee
Jan 19, 2015 11:33 am

.First Hot Tub we ever owned put it off for years because I didn't want the headaches and maintenance...... caved in to persistent wife.

What a headache, first 4 months had tub serviced 4 time and tested water upwards of 5o times at the store, the could not figure out why it would not stay balance, turn out after much persistence and contacting manufacturer Ace System is not working 4months old.... really top of the line tub. Tub was completely emptied 3 times over the first 4 months at my expense and each service call took 1 to 2 weeks to get someone out.
Now 7 months in and the cover for the moto massage unit is breaking the tabs off.

Can't wait for the warranty to run out I am going to hate this even more. Totally built backyard around the tub. Save your money and put some hot water in your bathroom tub and blow in a straw, lot less expensive and creates less headaches.

Date Purchased: June 2014
Price Paid: $13000
Recommend: No
Looks Nice, sales pitch sounds great.

Poor testing and service,

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Grandee Hot Springs
Nov 5, 2014 7:56 pm

I've owned 3 Grandees and I'm getting ready to get my 4th Hot Springs hot tub, they are terrific! My next one is an Envoy just because we don't need as big as a Grandee again. I wouldn't own another brand!

Date Purchased: 11/2001
Price Paid: $7500
Recommend: Yes
Large enough to fit family and or friends.

Can't think of any.

What a disaster!
Jul 31, 2014 12:12 am

I've owned the Hotspring Grandee spa for 18 months and it's the worst spa I've owned.
The Ace cell has failed *twice* in that time.
There are two leaks in the plumbing - one at each pump motor.
The heater element is only 1200W. Seriously, the kettle in my kitchen is 2200 watts - almost twice the power. When you fill this monster it's going to take two days to get to temperature. Having a spa in winter and you'll be too cold after an hour to stay in.

This was US$22,000 worth of spa pool - I honestly expected something significantly better.
When the Ace cell fails out of warranty I'll have $800 expense every nine months to keep this thing running.

Date Purchased: 02/2013
Price Paid: $22000
Recommend: No
The man who delivered it was superb. He had to hoist it over the roof of the house with a hiab and managed to place it exactly on the correct spot.
This spa is big - plenty of room for seven people.

Ace cell has failed twice in 18 months.
Spa plumbing is leaking in two places.
Heater is *way* underpowered.
Does anyone seriously ever use the 'water feature'? Most of the jets and features just complicate keeping it clean, and more difficult to scrub when you replace the water.
The running costs are prohibitive, and the purchase price monstrous.

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