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Marquis Epic
Feb 6, 2014 4:24 pm

Purchased the spa in 2006. Went almost five years without any problems THEN, the first heater burned out. THEN, the canister that holds the filters became disconnected from the shell and water spewed from the holes and filled the insulation and frame with water. The spa was still under warranty. The warranty claims it guarantees against leaks like this, but when it came time to get reimbursement from the customer service people, it was like pulling teeth. Fortunately, a local spa repairman had seen the problem a few times before and was able to bolt the canister to the shell and seal it. He used spray foam insulation to replace all the damaged insulation. I also had to pay to winterize the spa until Marquis could get him the parts needed for repairs or the whole spa would have been lost. It cost me about $800 and Marquis fought me for weeks before giving me $200. The Marquis warranty doesn't hold water any better than their spas.

Date Purchased: July 2006
Price Paid: $10000
Recommend: No
The shell and exterior still look good. Both original pumps are still working.

Starting to eat heaters now. The canister disaster shows the company is weak. Their customer service director told me they were having problems at the time and could be bought out making it tough for them to help me at the time. I have no idea if he was telling the truth or not.

2008 Marquis Epic
Jul 23, 2008 1:15 am

My wife and I tested all of the major manufacturers in the area (HS, Artesian, D1, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi, CalSpa & Marquis). The Epic was -- by far -- the tub that we both liked the most. After testing several tubs, I was unsure whether I wanted a lounger model, but the Epic's lounger (which they call the Adirondack chair) was very comfortable -- a little more upright than some others. It was the only lounger that was comfortable for me and didn't cause my wife to float. The Tri-Zone therapy controls became instinctive after a few minutes in the tub, and really allowed you to concentrate a lot of therapy power on specific areas of your body. The neck jets felt really good, without spraying all over the inside of the spa. We really liked the controls being inside of the tub, and the remote control and sensor that came standard with the tub. We can turn on the lights, jets and adjust the temperature from inside our house. And the house sensor beeps when the tub needs maintenance or a water change. It also beeps if the power to the tub goes out or the water drops below a certain temperature. The bromine frog system is a breeze for chemical maintenance. We've now owned the tub a little over 3 months. I still go in it almost every day -- often times twice a day on weekends. It's awesome after a day of yard/house work or a round of golf! If I had to replace it tomorrow, I'd buy the exact same spa!

Date Purchased: 04/2008
Price Paid: $9700
Recommend: Yes
Great therapy; Unique Therapy Pillar; TriZone Therapy system

Waterfall can't run without low speed pump running; Air control seems to only be all on or all off

Life is Good!
Jul 21, 2007 12:14 pm

Therapy/Comfortable Seating
I like the variety of jets and the different levels of seating. Afterwards your whole body feels refreshed. My favorites, the deep seat therapy and the therapy pillar are just awesome - your body feels so refreshed! Barrier free seating aids in ease of movement and stretching. The footwell is roomy, no barriers. You have easy access to the controls from within the tub plus ours came with a floating remote that control both pumps/jets and the lights which means you can just push a button and don't even have to move.

Low Maintenance/Ease of Maintaining Water
Outside shell is maintenance free and looks like the day we got it. The water is always crystal clear and clean. You can set how many and for how long to do cleaning. Weekly, I check the water level, check bromine, shock and then I'm done. The Epic really does all the work for you and I never had a problem with the water being cloudy nor with having any kind of skin rashes.

Is transferrable and Marquis does stand by their product. I previously had a Marquis Euphoria that we constantly had problems with. Marquis bought back the Euphoria and gave us an Epic, the only thing we had to pay for was delivery. After our experience with the Euphoria we were dubious about the Epic but after a year we have had no major problems, we enjoy the therapy it provides (most important).... life is good!

Date Purchased: 04/06
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes
Comfortable Seating
Low Maintenance
Ease of Maintaining Water


Aug 1, 2005 11:56 pm

After wet testing a bunch of tubs we fell in love with the epic. just waiting for delivery

Date Purchased: 8/05
Price Paid: $8645
Recommend: Yes
Big and roomy and deep plenty of room for this 6'5" guy and four large boys and my wife. The lights are great. water fall is cool and makes a good shelf. Love the spa frog system. Whats not to love about this see below. the Dealer tossed in the soundsations and cover life and stairs for free.

Can't use all the jets in the adarondak chair. but i can live with it.
the one draw back is if the spa shell is a dark color the light does not reflect as well.

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