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Caldera Tahitian
Feb 12, 2019 9:07 pm
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My Tahitian was my best purchase ever. I use it daily due to medical reasons. It runs great even well after a decade. The few times we've had issues our dealer, Sunwrights in CT, has been very responsive and friendly. I love this tub. It has proven just as reliable as my months of research suggested it would be. I'm only now considering downsizing, and Caldera is definitely my first choice for a replacement model.

Date Purchased: ?/1999
Price Paid: $6000
Recommend: No

A bit larger than we need

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Best investment ever
Dec 10, 2016 4:04 am

I wrote the 2012 review about the Tahitian back when I was thinking that over 10 years was old for a spa and I should find a new one. That same tub is still running fine, but 5 more years later, I finally just put a down payment on a Caldera Kauai. I tried to find a smaller tub, but came to the conclusion that the Kauai is the best possible model for us even though it has a larger footprint that I thought it would given that it has half the seats of our current tub. Smaller spas often lacked the comfortable seating and lounge or else they required a jet pump just to heat it because they lacked the circulation pump. I considered Bullfrog, but the feel of the Caldera and our dealer's dependability definitely tipped the scales.

My Tahitian is my main pain killer for constant muscle spasms. I've been using it 1-2 times a day for over 15 years now, and its still working great.

Date Purchased: ?/1999
Price Paid: $6000
Recommend: Yes
Comfortable seating
All around jet choices for hydrotherapy
Extremely well made and dependable

Still too big for an indoor hot tub

Caldera Niagra
Dec 27, 2010 6:51 pm

I bought my spa from a local dealer in Sept of 03 as a "demo model".. Paid about 9000 for it. Problems:
The lighting unit blew out (about year 2). Under warranty. Slave control blew out about year 3 (also under warranty). That's about it.. The dealer I bought the tub from have total idiots working for them, and in year 6 I ended up firing them after they attempted to fix the lighting unit "4" times, and when I opened the cover I found that they didn't even plug the unit into the controller. I am just about to replace the heater (myself), and anticipate several hundred in repair costs, but overall, I couldn't ask for a better product (aside from the the dealer), the Manufacturer has been very very helpful since Day 1, and I'd highly recommend buying one of their top of the line spas. Nearly 8 years later, we use it nearly every other day. WOW. wish my cars held up this well! 7 years later and the cover still looks nearly brand new. Call Doris, (apparently the Wife of the owner), She'll take care of you like you were one of her family!

Date Purchased: 9/2001
Price Paid: $9000
Recommend: Yes
Maintenance is nearly -0-.. Put in about 3 table spoons of granular chlorine in about every other day, replace the filters (2) annually, and change the water about every 4 months. Very easy!

Make sure you buy their products from good long term reputable dealers, that care about their customers, and you'll be satisfied.. Nothing wrong with their products which you can't fix yourself with a little basic knowledge of how to use a screwdriver.

Beautiful Spa Highly Recommend
Jan 28, 2010 11:49 am

This is our 3rd spa, the first 2 being junk compared to this one! Not only does it look like the Rolls Royce of the spa scene, but it performs way beyond my expectations. Easy programmed buttons operate the sound system which is incredibly rich. Temps go to 106. Heats up super fast (ok my last one was a 110 and this ones a 220, so I am sure that helps) super quiet operating, even on the biggest baddest settings, theres no blower, so it doesn't offend the ears. All this and fun lights too! A dream some true for this gal! I got a steal too, I bought the floor model and saved a bunch. 7k including steps, delivery, and hauling of my old crappy one! The warranty is awesome too. Best thing I've done for myself in ages. Spa on folks!

Date Purchased: 07/20/07
Price Paid: $7000
Recommend: Yes
powerful jets
nifty lighting
awesome stereo
charming waterfall
great warranty

This review got attributed to me during the forum rebuild, I don't want to delete it.

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Caldera Spa
Dec 12, 2009 2:39 pm

I agree with tabasco. My Caldera is only 24 months old, has been broken 3 times and down for 6 months of total non use. I obviously have a lemon as the high limit keeps triggering and then the main board dies. The worst thing is the customer service both by Rec Warehouse in Leesburg and Tampa. Tampa site has now dropped the ball by not ordering parts again. They keep asking me to descibe the sysmptoms, which I do, and did even to the main guy in Tampa and put in an email which he accepted. Now I find out no part ordered again and they think I am being rude and pushy. DONT BUY A CALDERA as their is no reliable service and my store admitted they know the Hot Springs brand by Watkins better than the Caldera line.

Date Purchased: 9-07
Price Paid: $6800
Recommend: No
Best lounger jets when it works

Reliability and lack of qualified service folks.

I emailed Caldera and they never responded.

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