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Model No: E480L
Manufacturer: Clearwater Spas

Lounger Spa, 230 Gallons, 2-speed jet pump, separate circulation pump, optional colored LED lamp, Balboa Water Group BP1500 controls.

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Avg. Price: $4844

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First 5 weeks
Mar 21, 2015 2:30 pm

Yes, Spa Depot offered to find a local technician, with me paying for the driving (I am rural) to repair the list of flaws in my new Belize spa. But, with quality standards this low and a product so far from glossy website descriptions, I declined. During week one, I totally replaced an inoperable drain, first tightened and later reset the lamp in silicone to stop a leak, installed a missing 1 1/2" Styrofoam insulation panel (R-20, I don't think so), and discovered that the 2-speed jet pump is wired for only one speed. Was assembled with the wrong filter housing 'to not slow down production' so the filter element has to be bent against the waterfall-grab handle to remove. The thin fiberglass cabinet panels were poorly aligned and gaps behind them filled with multiple layers of sticky foam tape, self drilling screws driven in at weird angles. The control panel is oddly inoperable in certain modes and buttons have to be PUSHED HARD. Website said the spa weighed 400 lbs, shipping weight (minimal packaging plus cover in another box) was 670lbs; complicated placement. Four jet bodies are stuck open. It is sad to see something this sloppy made in the USA. I have 44 hours labor into this spa, because I have the skills and am too stubborn to pay another dime. I wouldn't let these people put batteries in a flashlight.

Date Purchased: 2-15
Price Paid: $4844
Recommend: No
Once repaired, my one-speed spa is pretty; colored lights are fun. Website was fantastic, fooled me! Again...they did offer to fix it...but I simply say...Buyer Beware.

Almost everything, regret purchase. Last sight-unseen major internet purchase ever, ever, ever!

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