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Model No: 360
Manufacturer: Beachcomber

Hybrid Edition

Seating capacity 6
80x88x38 inches
650 pounds Dry, 3528Filled

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Avg. Price: $9000

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Bitterly disappointed in Beachcomber
Sep 6, 2014 9:15 am
Hot tub Nightmare

If you are in the market to buy a hot tub, please consider reading this review.

We were so excited at the time to make this purchase both my husband and I have back issues and this was a purchase we finally allowed our budget to make. We did our research, went and saw different tubs but in the end it was two referrals from people we knew, who just raved about their Beachcomber Hot Tubs and had enjoyed their tub for years. In hindsight we should have frequented forums like this, asked more questions, looked into warranties more closely even though Beachcomber on page 31 of their product guide it reads "THE BEACHCOMBER GUARANTEE, Protects you from exclusions, limitations, disclaimers and fine print"

We bought our tub June 2010 and it was delivered July 20,2010 to our frustration we had issues from the start with the jets popping out, one or two of them actually shattered as we found it in pieces at the bottom of the tub. Then about 8 months later the motherboard went which is quite an important component, luckily it was under warranty as that would have been about a 1500$ hit.

Then on February 8th, 2014 on a night the was incredibly cold, we came home from an evening out, looking forward to a soak in the hot tub and we found a huge pool of water had frozen around the tub and water spewing from under the step. It was during a 'cold snap' and the hush pump and flo thru element had failed or so we were told I have to say both of us suspect differently because of the vague communication on the matter. Not so vague was we were slapped with a $1,118.93 bill when we finally had the tub thawed enough for a tech to actually fix it which was on the 24th of March. Keep in mind the tub is only 3 1/2 years old at the time and it should be built to stand up against Canadian winters, we know plenty of people with hot tubs that have had them for 10 years without having the major problems we have had with a tub that is not even 5 years old.

Now we have noticed that the tub is leaking water daily, we're thinking it's probably damage sustained from that night. We are now forced to drain the tub for winter as we are forced to cut our losses. The hot tub is just over 4 years old and is useless. Useless because due to their warranties we are not willing to sink anymore money into a tub that has had nothing but problems from the start. Our only recourse right now is to warn others not to make the same mistakes we made and by trusting Beachcomber to deliver a quality product.

Date Purchased: 06/10
Price Paid: $9000
Recommend: No
It was wonderfully relaxing after a long day, that is when it worked!

It is a tub that is just over 4 years old and it is useless.

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