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Manufacturer: Beachcomber Spas

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Avg. Price: $8500

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Beachcomber 750
Feb 12, 2019 9:07 pm
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This is the best giant peice of plastic I've ever put in my yard. 4 years now and no real problems. I've had 5 other tubs in different houses that all were used and sold with the house. I never planned to buy a brand new tub ever as I've had mostly good experiences with buying cheap used tubs, if I outlive this tub I'll definitely buy another Beachcomber!

Date Purchased: Dec 2008
Price Paid: $10000
Recommend: No
Great service for the minor issues I've had and these are all issues that I had with other tubs I've owned. Jets and pump seals seem to be the common problem across the industry and it was resolved with no hassle.

Nothing comes to mind, still looks brand new!!

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Beachcomber 725 Anniversary Edition for 2016
Oct 25, 2016 1:12 am

Went with the Alabaster finish option & tied in the "employee pricing event" for cut rate prices on various extra goodies I wanted. $12,995 CAD for the tub itself & $14,605 CAD with the extra goodies included + 12% in taxes (GST & PST). Extra goodies included: UV system, 5 Yr guarantee, CGFI & box, Clorblast wet start kit, 4 robes, Cover lifter. 5 star Delivery / setup & wetstart. Normal price listed for tub as configured & listed goodies $21,000.

I had the heater dropped to a 4Kw, from a 5.5 Kw as I needed to put it on a power budget, for my place.

Over all, no problems with the tub itself. The audio system is getting the bluetooth module changed on Friday, as there is a couple of bad solder joints, of wires to the PCB, for a pair of speakers. No cost replacement.

Local Dealer has been excellent, answering my questions beforehand, no attempt at hard sell. The limited service I have needed since, has also been excellent.

Date Purchased: June 2016
Price Paid: $14605
Recommend: Yes
Lounger - 15 jets total. 2 neck, 5 back, 6 calves, 1 per foot.
Lighting (inside - well / rim & out side step / spa pack cover).
6 Pack of back jets in corner seat.
Waterfall & Bluetooth Audio
Filter access

Advertised on line, with Holiday tender included - not included.
Unable to switch display (reading) & have reminder menu - Europe Only.

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beachcomber saskatoon
May 10, 2011 6:53 pm

I also purchased a tub from this dealer and was nothing but thrilled, everything was totally outlined and simple to understand. The sales staff.... all of them are the best I have seen in any business.

I have a neighbor who also bought there on my recommendation and is completely pleased with everything. I even received $200 for referring them so now I am not even paying for chemicals!

I had the option to bring it back within a month for a different model but decided to keep it. I didn't even get this option when I purchased a $75,000 truck! Great dealer!

Date Purchased: July 2010
Price Paid: $10199
Recommend: Yes


beachcomber saskatoon
May 6, 2011 6:11 pm

i reasently purchased a 578 hybrid from beachcomber in saskatoon.
i have had it 11 days and in trying to return it, realized that their " no small print" gaurantee contains small print. i have already paid for my tub in full and now that ive asked them to take it back, they stated that i will have to pay 349 delivery (which is stated on gaurantee, which is acceptable) plus $150 cleaning, $35 filter, $100 guarentee transfer and possibly a 20% restocking charge. (that totals $285 + 20 % of a $10000+ tub which is not acceptable)

Date Purchased: march/11
Price Paid: $10200
Recommend: No
product is fine

sales people using a bait and switch to obtain my bussiness.. when i've called them on it, they've held me hostage with my own money.

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Beachcomber 580 2003
Apr 21, 2009 12:25 pm

We have just purchased a used Bachcomber 580 and so far has proven to be a total charm. After being in many hot tubs ( friends and hotels), we decided we wanted one for home. We had reserved one at a local dealer, but when we saw the Beachcomber 580 with seating of up to 9 advertised by a private ad, we had to take a look. We did, we bought.

I have read that the jets may not be powerful enough, but when you turn off some other jets in the tub, they are plenty powerful. I personally also find that jets running too hard aren't really relaxing and are usually noisy. This tub is really quiet even on high power, seats many and is rock solid. Fit and finish are absolutely without reproach. I have seen, on cold weather, that the temperature will drop one or two degrees and will not recover without the cover on. A 5.5 kw heater as opposed to the 4 kw heater may be a future purchase. This tub is already 5 years old, and aside from changing a few jets that were popping out, ($15,00 each), and the spa cover ( $400.), the tub is in excellent shape. Would I recommend a Beachcomber? Definately. After being in many different types and brands, this is without a doubt the most comfortable and relaxing hot tub I have seen so far. If we ever get rid of this one, it will be for a top of the line beachcomber replacment.

Date Purchased: 04/09
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes
Large, comfortable, quiet

power? heater?

Beachcomber 578
Aug 11, 2003 2:11 pm

Date Purchased: 6/30/2003
Price Paid: $5995
Recommend: No
Nice looking, quite, comfortable

Not reliable, low powered, lack of adjustability.

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