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Artic Spas
Manufacturer: Arctic spas

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Avg. Price: $9371

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Arctic Fox
Apr 10, 2013 3:46 pm

As others have stated, I bought it because of the assurance of quality.
First, maybe it works if you live above the Arctic Circle, but in the mountains of Utah it overheats internally. Arctic knows of the problem, and after an attempt to get a remedy from the factory, I was told to leave a panel off the tub in the summer! Yeah, little kids and skunks love this idea. They now offer some sort of shutter system, Do I get it, of course not unless I pay for their obviously defective design.
I'm not going to bore you with all the things that have gone wrong in 5 years of ownership, but I'm now Mr. Hot tub around my house, can't let the dealer's "tech" people near the tub unless I just want more trouble and bigger bills. I think the whole industry needs oversight. These tubs ain't cheap, and they are of remarkably poor quality, and I don't just mean Arctic.

Date Purchased: 5/08
Price Paid: $8000
Recommend: No
It's better than the last brand I owned, if you can believe it!

If my wife didn't need it due to her physical issues, I wouldn't have any of them. Second pump just rebuilt, second heater just replaced.

Arctic Spa Hot Tub
Sep 14, 2012 8:24 pm
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Well what can I say..I have a Arctic Spa hot tub and the surface acrylic is all cracking up. I was told how good this product is by the salesman but clearly he was not truth full. I would not recommend an Arctic Spa tub.

Date Purchased: 09 2006
Price Paid: $8000
Recommend: No
The product is not long lasting.

2 man Mesa
Jul 21, 2012 11:36 pm
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Run the other way! Sales person said it was plug n play. Its not. They also said its a 2 person tub...its not. It overflows with the amount of water needed to NOT get a flow error. (loud sucking noise-no air) It will hold 1 regular size person and the water still is up to your chin. Its a terrible design and should be taken off the market. Buyer beware!

Date Purchased: july 2012
Price Paid: $3400
Recommend: No
compact, easy to clean

Will only fit 1 regular size person, filter basket is too low so it overflows with 2, not plug and play, pump is weak...there's nothing good about this tub.

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Arctic Spa Summit
Mar 2, 2012 9:49 pm
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When I was looking for a hot tub, I spent a lot of time on the internet looking for reviews, etc., so that is why I am taking the time to post this review. Have had my Arctic Spa for just about two years now - purchased May 2010. BEST decision ever. This is one "TOY" I will never regret buying. Total cost was around $13,000. Upgraded to the ozone technology - worth it. Light package - love it. Considered the salt water generator - dealer wasn't behind it, YET. He's waiting for them to fine tune the process - still was concerned with it affecting jets, pumps. When he's sure, then I think I will proceed with that as well. Power consumption really isn't a big issue. Only change water one to two times max per year - ozone makes the difference, plus there is only two in our household, and one doesn't use it hardly at all.

Date Purchased: May 2010
Price Paid: $13000
Recommend: Yes
everything - love the seating plan of the Summit model - 3 large armchairs and one lounge area; great jets; led lights; one waterfall; simplicity of chemicals - dealer is great although I only have had to bug him once - in first month one light needed replaced. We get to minus 30 and minus 40 celsius, and no problem. I don't usually go out then, but have gone out frequently at -20. We upgraded our deck - above ground; reinforced obviously, and the hot tub is on the deck, right outside my french doors. LOVE it.

can't think of any yet - honestly.

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Arctic Spa Tundra Extreme
Feb 17, 2006 11:32 pm

I done alot of research on spa's before I purchased an Arctic Spa. I was told and believed that I was getting what I paid for. I bought in on the quality talk and the ease of access to all the pumps underneath the spa. Little did I know that in 90 day's of ownership that I would have 4 different leaks, a pump replaced, a check valve to the ozanator gone bad and the ozanator itself go bad. Did I mention the stero system? I has never worked correctly, 4 out of 6 speakers are bad but you know what they are ordered. Thus far I have 6 speakers on order for the stero, a check valve for the ozanator, and a ozone system. I was told that all of these things are MINOR problems. Minor? If you watch there video they preach quality, ease of access, You will need ease of access to all the pumps and items because they will break. I have had all 8 doors on my spa off so much that the plastic screws are either stripped or they have broken off. Oh yeah, they have been ordered. I am in the process of getting this piece of junk off my deck, I have had enough. I bought a spa to relax and enjoy. How can you enjoy something when you invested $12,800 in it so you would'nt have the problems and every other week you are on the phone with a different or same problem. Come on, who wants something with this many problems. Minor? A leak is a leak is a leak in a spa, it just should'nt happen if all you preach is how much better your spa is than everyone else's. Can anyone say Action 9. the local investigative reporter? I can.

Date Purchased: 11/2005
Price Paid: $12800
Recommend: Yes
Many Option's, but you have to pay

Had the spa for 90 days and have had12 service problems with this spa.

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