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Manufacturer: Artesian Spas

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Artesian Island Grand Bahama
Nov 1, 2004 8:13 pm

We bought the GB after wet testing quite a few different spa's. We loved the Hot Springs, but the Artesian GB had the jets and power in just the right places to make the sale for us. We were amazed when the price was even lower than the Hot Springs.

Date Purchased: 29 Sept 04
Price Paid: $6200
Recommend: Yes


The Artesian Piper Glen is the Best Spa I Have Owned!
Aug 14, 2003 9:46 am

The Artesian Piper Glen is our second spa. Since we already had an old Hot Spring Grandee we were able to take our time the second time around and do a lot of research and wet testing. My wife has arthritis in both knees and I have foot and back problems so we concentrated on finding a spa that would give us the best therapy and still be economical to run as well as last us many years. The spa had to be able to handle the cold of New England winters so after much research we realized that full foam was the best method in cold climates so that limited our choices to 12 major manufacters who had dealers in the Boston area. We spent a lot of months wet testing and calling various manufactuers and talking with their engineers before deciding on this spa. This spa has a unique design in that it has 5 dedicated therapy pumps at each therapy location so that automaticly elimated 40-50% of the usual plumbing found in most spas, as well as the diverter valves, and provided dedicated pumps directly attached to the therapy area. The motors are also a pattented design that eliminates most of issues that cause motors to fail. Each therapy seat has a dedicated control for the pump that acts like a rheostat or light dimmer so you can control the amount of presure to the jets. This is not just a hi/low control, but just like a light dimmer you have many different levels you set the jets too. The fact that each therapy area has it's own pump means that you only have on the pumps that you are actually using so that saves considerably on electricty. This spa has only averaged us $30 a month to run and we use it every day, somtimes twice a day. The shell has a lifetime warranty and all parts are covered for 5 years with a non prorated warranty. We asked a freind of ours who is a chemical engineer to evaluate the construction and materials of the shell, and he said they can offer a lifetime warranty because the shell is so well contructed that it will most likely out live us. This is the most comfortable and well designed spa that we could possiably want. We have had zero problems and the dealer even came by for a free visit to check on everything a couple of months after installation. Both my foot and back problems as well as my wife's arthritis have been signifcantly improved through the use of this spa. In case you can't tell I will finish up by saying we love this spa! We highly recommend this spa to anyone who is looking for a high quality spa.

Date Purchased: 4/02
Price Paid: $8700
Recommend: Yes
The best hydrotherapy out of 13 major spa manufacturers that we wet tested and researched. Ergonomicly well designed. Powerful and economic pumps. Unique engineering design with 5 dedicated therapy pumps that are adujstable at each therapy area. 24 hour circulation pump and ozonator.

None really. If you are looking for toys such as waterfalls, fiber optics, stereo systems then this spa isn't for you, since it is a true therapy spa. Because of its unique design you need to have service access to three sides of the spa. (not really a con to us but it might be to some people)

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