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Author Topic: Finally got around to pictures of our new Bullfrog A6L Select (310 gal)  (Read 3533 times)


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We started off with a challenge, in that my wife had strong skin sensitivity to Bromine. It took a while to be convinced that switching to chlorine would get rid of her skin sensitivity issue. It sure did! Woo Hoo, now she can enjoy it too. That was a big scare for a while. Anyway, here are the pictures. We have been without a coverlifter, but our Covermate Zero is due to arrive tomorrow! Yea!

Our Bullfrog A6L Select w/o jets on-1 Bullfrog A6L no jets-1 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Our Bullfrog A6L Select w/o jets on-2 Bullfrog A6L no jets-2 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Our Bullfrog A6L Select with jets On-1 Bullfrog A6L jets on-1 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Our Bullfrog A6L Select with jets On-2 Bullfrog A6L jets on-2 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Initially, I had the hot tub oriented turned 180, so the (eventual) coverlifter would fold the cover towards the fence, not blocking the views in the other three directions. But my wife wanted privacy from our deck side of the tub because the neighbor on opposite (not fence side) has dementia and gawks. So when I drained the tub to change from Bromine to Chlorine, I rotated the tub 180, so the cover would stand up on that side. We miss a little bit of view north over the water, but not worth her creeped out factor, so the early water drain/refill had a good second purpose to spin the tub!  ;)
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Very nice.

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