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Title: TDS and filter clogging
Post by: iceno9 on April 11, 2019, 08:42:02 pm

Does having a higher TDS lead to rapid filter clogging?
My tub is only 6 months old, water is due for a change as TDS is around 1300-1500.....but i rince my filters weekly and deep clean with a tablet every month max. What i am finding is that my circulation pump flow drops significantly when my main pump 1 is on....thats because there is a bypass thats closed when the main jet is on. i.e. With just the circ pump going, it pulls through 2 filters and flow is good. When jet pump one is on, the circ pump pulls through only 1 filter and the flow drops the point that i get occasionally a 'dry heater warning'.

So my question is really why the filter(s) appear to be clogging quickly? I am assuming its because of a high TDS but wanted to get opinions.

Title: Re: TDS and filter clogging
Post by: Jacuzzi Jim on April 11, 2019, 10:02:00 pm
 I don't know what a filter cleaning tablet is?   But you might try an actual liquid filter cleaner and soak them over night, then rinse and let dry overnight if you can.    Guessing that tablet thing just is not getting the job done. 

  I suppose TDS (not being political here  ;) ) could be the problem, but probably not, it would have to be really, really bad.
Title: Re: TDS and filter clogging
Post by: BullFrogSpasMN on April 12, 2019, 11:39:21 am
buy a new filter...any circ pump or jet pump (low speed) that is working properly should easily pull enough water through 1 single filter without constantly shutting down unless your filter is clogged, so again, buy a new filter :-)

Title: Re: TDS and filter clogging
Post by: iceno9 on April 12, 2019, 11:58:57 am
I don't mind buying a new filter, but it kind of feels like i should not have to.....
 - My Tub has 2 filters, each the same size. Tub and filters were new in October.
 - I have a second set of filters (bought in December) which i switch over with the first set each month whilst the first set is on a deep clean using a disolvable tablet cleaner.
 - All filters are rinsed each week and generally look quite white with no damage.
 - Bather load is 2-3 people twice per week.

So it kind feels like i am doing something wrong....perhaps a water change and/or using a different filter cleaner?