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Hot Tub Forum / Dim Hot Springs Exterior Logo Light?
« Last post by JB0113 on Today at 03:56:52 pm »
I just recently got a new Hot Springs Flair that I am thoroughly enjoying. The logo light on the exterior of the tub, however, is extremely bright. Like bright enough to light up some of the patio in front of the tub, fence, and even a bit of my neighbors screened in porch when it's extremely dark outside. It's not a huge deal by any means but I was thinking about purchasing some kind of tint film on Amazon to put it over the exterior light. Curious if anyone else has done something similar and how it held up in the elements.

Hot Tub Forum / Best foundation for hot tub
« Last post by SDOutdoorsman on Today at 12:26:25 pm »
Iím sure the best is probably a concrete slab but this tub will be moved probably within the next 2-5 years, is gravel or sand or a pea rock base the next best? Should pacers be put on top of that?
Show us your Hot Tub. / Re: My Underdeck Hot Tub Project
« Last post by Hottubguy on October 18, 2019, 10:12:26 pm »
Love the setup. You do all that work yourself?
Hot Tub Forum / Re: South Seas Spas 748L opinions
« Last post by Sam on October 18, 2019, 06:13:47 pm »
Agree with everything posted above.  That's a well made hot tub but problems do happen.  Artesian is on the hook for the warranty but you don't get the same kind of service as you would from the dealer you purchased the spa from.  I would offer $6k and maybe go up to $6500 for that model in that situation.

In the end, Artesian is the kind of manufacturer that will find another dealer in that area probably rather quickly.  They are one of the better manufacturers out there and someone will pick them up.  I would make it a point to start a good relationship with the new dealer when that happens.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: South Seas Spas 748L opinions
« Last post by castletonia on October 18, 2019, 05:55:59 pm »
The warranty is through Artesian, not your local dealer.  However, any promises your dealer makes will no longer be valid once they are out of business.  What would likely happen is either Artesian would find an independent service technician to perform any work or if they setup a new dealer, that new dealer would then perform any necessary warranty work.  Keep in mind that anyone other than your "selling" dealer will likely charge you a trip charge or service call fee, even for warranty work.

As others have already said, I would try to get that price down because even though Artesian makes a quality hot tub and backs the warranty, there will still be out of pocket costs to you and the hassle of finding someone if an issue occurs.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: South Seas Spas 748L opinions
« Last post by SDOutdoorsman on October 18, 2019, 04:15:02 pm »
When first talking to him I did ask about warranty with them going out of business, he also made it seem like if I called artesian they would send someone, is that a possibility for warranty? Or would that be at my expense for a plane ticket for a tech if the local guy doesnít work out? If thatís the case without a local tech do I basically not even have the 3 year warranty?
Hot Tub Forum / Re: South Seas Spas 748L opinions
« Last post by Tman122 on October 18, 2019, 04:06:44 pm »
"As long as I am not getting any warranty from you I'll give you 6500 for that tub"
Hot Tub Forum / Re: South Seas Spas 748L opinions
« Last post by SDOutdoorsman on October 18, 2019, 04:03:23 pm »
South Seas is a line from Artesian.  Great mid-level tub.  Only thing I didn't like was the sound of the pumps (loud) when I sold them a few years back, but someone elsewhere on this forum said that has been corrected.  Might want to see if you can hear it running. 

Other than that, I think - and this is me personally - that the price is somewhat high if the company is going out of business.  I'd try and get the warranty coverage from the tech in writing, or ask for a reduction in price as they will *never* have to come out of pocket on warranty.  Parts, labor, nothing.  That might not fly but I wouldn't spend that amount on a spa with zero warranty coverage (I believe that spa offers 3 years 100% parts and labor). I say that as at my facility, if a client is coming from out of our area and simply wants the spa and no warranty coverage, we will reduce the cost of the tub at a price most will jump at. 

May not be the same for everyone.  I hope this helps.  Good luck moving forward.

What kind of price should I be looking at, I thought it might be high but also didnít want to completely low ball them with very little knowledge of it.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: South Seas Spas 748L opinions
« Last post by wmccall on October 18, 2019, 02:25:36 pm »
Welcome to the forum.  Do come back and tell us how it goes for you.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: South Seas Spas 748L opinions
« Last post by trp3383 on October 18, 2019, 11:18:04 am »
I got a price last week on 748B for $6,999 includes steps, cover, cover lifter, and frog @ease.  
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