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Title: Flash Purchase...quick questions
Post by: BoilerFan17 on November 02, 2019, 12:11:28 pm
This morning I ordered a Hot Spring Flash.  The price included: Steps, Cover, Cover Lifter, Chemical Starter Pack, Ozone, 20/30 Power Box and Delivery and Set Up.

I paid $9095, I'm guessing this is a good deal?  It certainly seemed cheaper than other prices I have seen listed on here while doing research.

My other question is, how much is the average cost to have the electrician install the 20/30 power box?  I already have a 50 power box there with wires from the previous hot tub that is being replaced.

Definitely looking forward to using the new tub and the forum really helped me with deciding which brands to look at and finally deciding on Hot Spring.  Unfortunately I live in the Royal Spa area where they are widely promoted and seem to be frequently purchased.  The thing that really swayed me to not buy one was the fact that the sales guy straight up lied about a bunch of things and claimed only their models had these features.
Title: Re: Flash Purchase...quick questions
Post by: castletonia on November 06, 2019, 09:26:40 pm
You got a good price.  I am about $1,000 more.  I would guess it would be $300-$500 to have an electrician install the box and run new wire to the hot tub, but that is just a guess.