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Title: Interior Lighting
Post by: Roofspa on May 14, 2022, 12:08:12 am
I am looking at the A Series (8L or 8D) and it seems the interior lighting on this series is pretty weak/scarce. My spa will be located on a roof deck and there is not a lot of other lighting on the deck or above the spa which is open to the sky. 

Compared to some Hot Spring and other competitor spas that seem to fully light the interior, I'm concerned I might be sitting in the dark and not be able to see other people or even the seating in the spa.

Title: Re: Interior Lighting
Post by: waterpro on May 14, 2022, 09:54:31 pm
I have an A8 and love the hot tub, but like you, I hate the lighting.  I was thinking of getting a few remote control submersible LED pucks to put on the inside, but the reviews on those aren't that good either. 

I do wonder why Bullfrog hasn't improved on this as people have been complaining about it for years.  Years! 

Maybe Bullfrog's approach is that adding more lighting means drilling more holes in the shell which they don't want to do because it means more potential leaks?  IDK. 

It's definitely frustrating though because you're paying a premium for a tub and you are getting less than entry level lighting.  I mean there are $4k tubs that have better lighting than the Bullfrogs, so it's definitely an issue.  I almost didn't buy a Bullfrog because of the lighting. I can't imagine I'm the only one that contemplated this. I do wonder how many sales they've lost though because of their inferior lighting.

If you find something that works let me know because I would definitely be interested in upgrading the lighting.