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Title: Worms
Post by: icenogle on March 01, 2021, 07:55:49 pm
Changing the water today.  The water drains onto the driveway while using the sump pump (love that pump).  When it gets down to the last 15 gallons or so the sump kicks off and I switch to my wet/dry vac to get the remaining water and drain that water onto the grass.  Today I noticed each time I emptied the vac on different sides of the tub worms just started popping out of the ground.  That was weird.  After watching them for a few minutes I was thinking they didn't look that happy and each minute that went by they seemed to be less active.  By the time I put all my stuff away the worms had all gone back into the ground. 

Thought of you all for some strange reason.