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Title: A8 vs M9- First hot tub for a Family of 6
Post by: jjbeck12 on April 01, 2021, 11:56:45 pm
After thinking about buying a hot tub for the past few years (and seriously thinking for the past few months) we've finally decided to take the plunge! I wet tested a number of Hotspring tubs (I didn't really like the moto-message, but the limelight tubs were really nice), a Caldera Tahitian (it was solid but I just didn't love it), and a Bullfrog A6L series (I really liked a lot of the different jet packs). Out of all of them I enjoyed the Bullfrog the most. I didn't really like the lounger and I didn't like not having anything to anchor my feet to in the other seats. But the dealer had a dry R8 on the floor and sitting in it felt like it would be amazing (I'd get the A8 instead of the R8 though).

I was pretty set on the A8 then my wife and I starting looking at the M series online and we think the M9 might be perfect for us. We have 4 small kids and the extra higher seating in the M9 would be great for them. We love the way the additional lighting looks, the sleek design, and the dedicated steps to enter. However, I've been reading some reviews online and it sounds like there are a number of people that have had quite a few issues with the M series. Is there anyone on here that has an M series and can speak to their experience with the tub? Are these issues stemming from the model being new, or production being ramped up to meet the increased demand?

My wife hasn't seen the tubs in person yet, she's left the whole purchasing up to me and says she'll love whatever I pick. But I'm going to take her to the dealership this weekend to see the dry R8 and the dry M series that they have on the floor (she's not comfortable wet testing) so she can see for herself.

I guess my big question is are we better off going with the A8 which has been around for awhile and seems to be a solid tub (it costs a bit less too but we're willing to pay more for a tub we'll love), or should we go with the M series which I think would fit our family better and we would love all the extra amenities that come with it, but we're worried about the quality of them from online reviews.
Title: Re: A8 vs M9- First hot tub for a Family of 6
Post by: Sam on May 03, 2021, 04:20:16 pm
There were a few "glitches" when the M Series came out but Bullfrog is a phenomenal company and is always trying to improve and will do the right thing every time.  If something isn't right, they will fix it.  They don't do half-assed fixes either.  They always figure it out.  I have 100% confidence in Bullfrog and that they will do the right thing.