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Title: M9 Electrical
Post by: benmih on September 09, 2020, 09:42:20 pm
So in reading the tech manual the M9 is listed as a 50amp gfci disconnect needs installed. Which I had installed already just waiting on my tub since May 23. But thats another story all together. I called the factory service people today to see how long of a whip I should leave coming through the patio since the concrete is being poured next week. While talking with him he told me its a 60 amp disconnect needed. now of course the disconnect i have installed doesn't have a 60amp breaker to just replace it. Does anyone know where i can pick up a 60amp disconnect at? And if anyone has any pull at bullfrog get them to change their techincal specs. Either that or the tech I spoke today was totally off his rocker. But I am leaning to think he was correct. Any help would be great.