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Beating a dead horse / Re: lolita porn
« Last post by JosephInots on April 13, 2024, 10:01:46 pm »
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Why not go straight to Bullfrog?

Bullfrog Spas Contact Information
7017 West 11800 South, Herriman, UT 84096, United States of America
Customer Support: +1 (801) 307-3676

Didn't you buy a floor model/demo unit? If so, the dealer is probably responsible for the wrong cover being included. If it's a new order from Bullfrog, I would call them then get with your dealer with their response.
1)Are your 2023 A Series Bullfrog Branded covers short on the corners so that the skirt is spread at the corner, exposing the acrylic the same way as my posted pictures?

2)** I just noticed that the X6L has the same 7’4” x 6’8” dimensions, and the pics on the Bullfrog website show that the X6L’s corners have a much larger 8” radius than the A6L’s 4” radius corners. If Bullfrog uses one cover for both the A & X Series, the more expensive A Series gets a poor fit at the corners. :o/ What the ????

3)Do all Bullfrog brand covers for the 2023 A Series fit this way? It seems like an extremely obvious design error, unless Bullfrog  just want to have one less cover to stock and make the more expensive A Series hot tub have an ill design fit on their covers. In 2022, all A Series Spas had 8” radius corners. The new 2023 A series design changed to 4” radius corners… But Bullfrog didn’t revise the 2023 A Series COVERS to match the newly designed tubs???

4)Is there only one cover for A series and X Series 2023 Bullfrog hot tubs, and that has the larger 8” radius? Bullfrog has a page showing the cover dimensions for 2023 to present and 2013 – 2022 and prior years. But I have noticed discrepancies between their website and the 2023 brochure, so I don’t put much stock in their spec saying that for 2023 all X & A Series covers have a 4” radius, especially when the cover I got with my A6L Series Select (mfg’d Oct. 2023) came with a cover with 8” radiuses!

This has bugged me for the two months I have had the tub, but my dealer is brand new -and- never returns calls, so I had not yet wasted my time asking him. I just received my Covermate Zero cover lifter, which I ordered myself, after not receiving it from my dealer after waiting for two months. The new Zero model requires drilling holes into the cover, so I want to be sure mine is not an anomaly, that this is the way ALL 2023 Bullfrog branded A Series covers are made, before I poke holes in my cover and would have a very hard time trying to swap it for another cover (if there is a 4” radius cover at all. :o/)
** After researching for this post, I just DID email my dealer with pics to see there IS a 4” radius cover and if he gave me the wrong cover.

On my 2023 A6L Select (310 Gal.) Bullfrog hot tub, the Bullfrog brand cover that I was given has a 8" radius at the corners. The radius of the corners of the hot tub are 4". This causes the cover’s corners to be short of the hot tubs actual acrylic shell’s corners by 2” at each corner.  In the attached pictures, the outer edges on all four of the Bullfrog cover’s sides, are aligned evenly with the edges of the hot tub. The length and width are even with the long (7'4") and shorter (6'8") spa dimensions.

Thanks for any feedback. I don't trust my dealer's response, if he even gives me one.

Cover LR corner by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Cover LF corner by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Cover RF corner by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Cover RR corner by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

A6L with 4" Radius corners:
A6L Image by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

X6L with 8" Radius corners:
X6L Image by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Very nice.
We started off with a challenge, in that my wife had strong skin sensitivity to Bromine. It took a while to be convinced that switching to chlorine would get rid of her skin sensitivity issue. It sure did! Woo Hoo, now she can enjoy it too. That was a big scare for a while. Anyway, here are the pictures. We have been without a coverlifter, but our Covermate Zero is due to arrive tomorrow! Yea!

Our Bullfrog A6L Select w/o jets on-1 Bullfrog A6L no jets-1 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Our Bullfrog A6L Select w/o jets on-2 Bullfrog A6L no jets-2 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Our Bullfrog A6L Select with jets On-1 Bullfrog A6L jets on-1 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Our Bullfrog A6L Select with jets On-2 Bullfrog A6L jets on-2 by Dave Kroske, on Flickr

Initially, I had the hot tub oriented turned 180º, so the (eventual) coverlifter would fold the cover towards the fence, not blocking the views in the other three directions. But my wife wanted privacy from our deck side of the tub because the neighbor on opposite (not fence side) has dementia and gawks. So when I drained the tub to change from Bromine to Chlorine, I rotated the tub 180º, so the cover would stand up on that side. We miss a little bit of view north over the water, but not worth her creeped out factor, so the early water drain/refill had a good second purpose to spin the tub!  ;)
Hot Spring Spas / Re: Leaking tub
« Last post by Buzzard bait on April 07, 2024, 03:17:27 pm »
I did a cursory look. In a tough place to troubleshoot. One side not available. I’ll look a little closer to see if I can find anything.
Hot Spring Spas / Re: Leaking tub
« Last post by cranbiz on April 04, 2024, 05:15:03 pm »
Well, that is for the convenience of the dealers tech. Water leaks can be tricky especially in a full foam tub. I'm sure they want to charge you for removing and reinstalling the tub as well as the cost to fix it.

Have you got any idea where it's leaking from? I would open it up and pull the panels to look for the leak. It could be a jet, it could be a line in the tub, pump, etc. If you can find the source, it might be an easy fix.
Hot Spring Spas / Leaking tub
« Last post by Buzzard bait on April 04, 2024, 02:57:17 pm »
10 year old Grandee has a slow leak. Loses about 2-3” of water a week. Dealer said they would have to take it into the shop. Anyone with experience with this?
While price is a significant factor, especially with such substantial differences, considering the experience and reputation of the dealer is wise. It's crucial to weigh the potential savings against the assurance of reliable service and support over the warranty period. Given Bullfrog's reputation for quality, saving $2,000 to $3,000 might be reasonable, but a larger discount of $5,000 or 30% could warrant taking a chance. Ultimately, ensuring service availability beyond the warranty is essential for long-term peace of mind.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: Favorite spa vacuum?
« Last post by Raymond Enriquez on March 28, 2024, 03:36:27 am »
I generally like using a clear hose and the siphoning method.
We have the same method.
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