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Hot Tub Forum / Re: Terrible Repair Experience. Need Advice
« Last post by d00nut on January 26, 2022, 02:40:27 pm »
If you follow cranbiz's advice, know that would end all future business with that dealership.

Are they unresponsive?

As I normally suggest, talk to them first.  I'd ask for a courtesy call seeing as you've already paid twice and replaced everything they suggested with no results. 

A credit card charge back without any attempt on your end to get it resolved will basically close the door on that dealership ever helping you again.  So, I'd say that is the nuclear option.

It's an option, but only if everything else fails... IMO
Hot Tub Forum / Re: Terrible Repair Experience. Need Advice
« Last post by cranbiz on January 26, 2022, 10:43:40 am »
File a claim with your credit card company. You paid to have the tub fixed, they have not fixed it yet.
Hot Tub Forum / Ranco Thermostats and how to set HI Lo temps and differential settings
« Last post by lucianp on January 26, 2022, 06:02:44 am »
We moved into a new home with an indoor hot tub. We had it checked and it is working.

We are having trouble getting the right temperature and perhaps we are not setting the differential unit correctly.

Our target temp is 100-101

How should we set the H (high unit) and differential ?
How should we set the L ( unit and differential) 

We watched the ranco demo youtube but not sure of the needed settings.

We are experimenting with differnt settings but the temperature seems to be high.   So we are getting a better thermometer for the pool and wonder if
the ranco units are going bad as they fluctuate in a short time from 99 to 107.

Many thanks for your advice.
Hot Tub Forum / Terrible Repair Experience. Need Advice
« Last post by pickles2001@hotmail.com on January 25, 2022, 11:02:37 am »
Hello. I have a 2015 Sundance  680 Edison that decided to quit working during last week's Wisconsin coldspell. I called the service department for the place where I purchased the hot tub. They came out, replaced the sensor, said hot tub was fixed and charged me $255 (which included a $199 service call). Hot tub still didn't work. Repairman returned several days later and determined that new topside was needed, which needed to be ordered. Charge for visit was $169 (company waived the $199 service call). A week later, repairman returned and installed new topside control and said that hot tub was now working properly. Charge for this visit was $518, which included that pesky $199 service call, on top of labor and part charges. HOT TUB STILL ISN'T WORKING, and this place has billed me $944 so far. What should I do? They have my credit card number on file and automatically charge me every time they come out. I am soooo frustrated. Almost $1000 into this, and my hot tub is still not working properly. Thanks for your advice.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: Why does my ph keep rising...
« Last post by A.O. on January 24, 2022, 09:53:40 pm »
Drop your TA, I keep mine at about 40.. keeps the PH in check pretty well. And as long as you use the air injectors in your jets, the PH will want to rise.. its normal.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: Why does my ph keep rising...
« Last post by Tman122 on January 24, 2022, 08:43:28 pm »
80's not to bad, try driving your PH down a bit more.

I meant TA, drop your TA a bit more.
Hot Tub Forum / Re: Hot tub in garden room?
« Last post by cranbiz on January 24, 2022, 06:57:22 pm »
My tub sits in an enclosed sunroom. The enclosure is mostly double glass sliding doors. I have a bathroom fan mounted in the ceiling that runs all the time. The only time I get any condensation is after a soak on a cold night.

I do have a 1500W heater in the room but it doesn't run overnight and if it's really cold (sub 32 degrees F), it doesn't have a prayer of keeping the entire room much above 40 degrees F.
Hot Tub Forum / Why does my ph keep rising...
« Last post by Gibson00 on January 24, 2022, 06:03:15 pm »
Lately having an issue with ph wanting to keep climbing to 8.

New fill of water less than 2 weeks ago.  Clean filters.

Balanced TA to 70, then ph to 7.6-ish.

Chlorine tub, using dichlor (CYA not very high after only 2 weeks or so), with daily levels kept around 2-3ppm with a shock to 10-12ppm every 12 days or so.

Every day my ph is back up around 8 (taylor test kit).  What am I missing??
Hot Tub Forum / Re: Hot tub in garden room?
« Last post by bud16415 on January 24, 2022, 01:15:09 pm »
My tub sits just outside our house in a corner that gives protection on two of its four sides The one outside face has a wooden privacy wall that stops the wind it has a roof over it and the one side that is open for the view has a curtain that can be drawn as a wind block. Nonetheless it is an unheated space and we see temps well below Zero-F during our winters. Heat loss thru the tub and cover when not being used is very small. Snow will blow onto the cover and be unchanged just as if it was on the decking. Same for the outside surfaces of the tub.

Now when the tub is opened thatís a different story and a lot of moisture is lost as steam coming off and it will even warm the un-insulated area maybe 10 degrees.

In your case the small amount of time you will be in the tub I donít see having much of an impact on your outside structure. If you want to close it in to stop wind when using the tub thatís a good idea. I donít see doing that is going to save you that much on energy costs heating the tub.   
Hot Tub Forum / Hot tub in garden room?
« Last post by coolruler on January 24, 2022, 10:54:16 am »
Our hot tub is currently sitting under our open garden gazebo.

In an attempt to cut heat losses I am considering converting the gazebo to a garden room around it.

Looking for information on condensation which I presume will occur with hot tub sitting at 38 degrees C overnight. If it occurs perhaps a humidity based extractor fan may be needed which would then extract the hot air and therefore bring in cold air which thus kind of defeats the object of an enclosed (warm) space for the tub.

Does anyone have a hot tub in a garden room in the UK and will be able to advise on this please?

This is driven by escalating ele tric costs. If anyone knows cheapest UK tariff (non electric vehicle) that will be great also.

Thanks all.

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