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Title: 1st time owner sanitizer ??
Post by: jasonh17 on January 20, 2022, 11:26:33 pm
I've purchased an marquis hollywood elite with the constantclean+ option. I've never owned a hot tub so I've been researching different topics. I can't find an answer to this question. I'm trying to decide on the type of sanitizer to use. It seems bromine is more popular than chlorine for hot tubs. Does anyone use bromine in their hot tub and chlorine for your pool. I have a chlorine pool, should I use chlorine for the tub as well so my pool doesn't turn into a bromine pool as swimmers will be using both at the same time. Or is the amount of bromine carried by bathing suits so minute that it won't matter? My pool is around 16,000 gallons so would just dilute the possible bromine carried from bathing suits? I'm leaving towards the smartchlor just be safe.
Title: Re: 1st time owner sanitizer ??
Post by: A.O. on January 21, 2022, 09:53:39 am
I believe chlorine is used in a bromine tub as well as the bromine, I only use chlorine so I don't know for sure, bromine always seemed more complicated than it needs to be. And in my opinion anyway the smartchlor is not that smart, just do chlorine and be done with it, and its easy to find anywhere, and cheaper.

Read this maybe, a simple solution.
Title: Re: 1st time owner sanitizer ??
Post by: cranbiz on January 21, 2022, 10:48:40 am
I use chlorine because with a previous tub, I discovered my wife reacted to Bromine.

I'm currently using the Smartchlor system simply because the dealer included a years supply with my hot tub purchase. It's not smart by any means but it does work and is easy to maintain with minimal time invested. It also is good if you have extended time away from home. The biggest drawback of Smartchlor is the cost. It's expensive. The non refillable cartridges are about $16 each, figure 1 a month for a 300 gal tub and about $30 for the mineral cartridge which is replaced every 3 months.

So, if you need fast, and easy and you can't monitor your levels daily, stick with the Smartchlor. You will pay for it (about $75 a quarter). If you have the time and the ability to stick with a daily routine, go with the much cheaper method of dichlor/bleach.
Title: Re: 1st time owner sanitizer ??
Post by: bud16415 on January 21, 2022, 11:57:08 am
I started out with bromine and hated it. I thought very hard to keep under control and the cartridges were costly.

I switched to dichlor / liquid bleach method and it works great. I also have the smartchlor cartridges and I open them by prying off the top. easy to do. I remove the contents and when going away for a week I add a quarter of it back snap the top on and put it in the inline feeder. Half for 2 weeks etc.

Being new you may want to look at salt and adding a salt gen like the saltron-mini.