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Leaking tub


Buzzard bait:
10 year old Grandee has a slow leak. Loses about 2-3 of water a week. Dealer said they would have to take it into the shop. Anyone with experience with this?

Well, that is for the convenience of the dealers tech. Water leaks can be tricky especially in a full foam tub. I'm sure they want to charge you for removing and reinstalling the tub as well as the cost to fix it.

Have you got any idea where it's leaking from? I would open it up and pull the panels to look for the leak. It could be a jet, it could be a line in the tub, pump, etc. If you can find the source, it might be an easy fix.

Buzzard bait:
I did a cursory look. In a tough place to troubleshoot. One side not available. Ill look a little closer to see if I can find anything.


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