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Help Troubleshooting Hot Springs Jetsetter LX Electrical or Lighting Issue


ello, I'm reaching out for assistance with my Hot Springs Jetsetter LX hot tub, purchased in April 2021. Fortunately, it's still under the 5-year electrical warranty, although the 2-year lighting warranty has expired. I'm hopeful this issue falls under the electrical category.

Issue Description:

Initial Symptom: Approximately two weeks ago, I observed that the MotoMassager was inactive.
Subsequent Observation: A few days later, the underwater light exhibited limited color functionality, stuck on a few colors and unresponsive to attempts at color changes.
Troubleshooting Attempts: I've tried resetting the remote panel and powering off the tub entirely, neither of which resolved the issue.
Progression: The lighting issues escalated, affecting both interior and exterior lights. Now, when the power button on the remote is pressed, it inadvertently activates the jets and sets the lights to blue. Attempting to change the light color results in all lights turning off.
Remote Control Functionality:

The remote includes several controls: a purple icon for jets, a water drop for saltwater settings (adjusting levels and cleaning cycle), and a lightbulb for light settings. Currently, the saltwater settings are unresponsive, the jets control functions correctly, but the light setting fails to change the lights' colors.
Dealer Visit:

A local dealer inspected the hot tub but was unable to diagnose the issue. Although he did replace and repair the MotoMassage. They've decided to consult Hot Springs tech support for further guidance and I'm waiting to hear back from them. During their visit, a suspected faulty salt cell was replaced without resolving the problem. Notably, when the tub is powered off and then on, the blue lights activate, and saltwater settings are temporarily accessible, but any attempt to adjust the lights immediately negates this functionality.
I apologize for the lengthy post but wanted to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the situation. If anyone has encountered similar issues or has insights into potential fixes, your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

Vincent Jennings:
It's great that your electrical warranty is still valid. It's strange that the dealer couldn't figure it out. Since the MotoMassage got fixed but the lighting is still wonky, it might be a deeper electrical issue. Hopefully, Hot Springs tech support can pinpoint the problem. Until then, maybe try disconnecting and reconnecting all the electrical connections to see if that helps.

I am still waiting to hear back from the dealer. The repair guy said that if it was an electrical issue they would have to take my tub back to their showroom to repair it. Anyone else know if that rings true?

Taking the tub back to the showroom for an electrical issue? That doesn't sound right. As long as the tech has access to all sides, it should be able to be repaired at your home.


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