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Preventing airlocks


Hi guys. I'm looking for some advice on how to prevent airlocks from occurring when refilling my spa.

I've had the spa for 4yrs now, and whenever I refill the spa I've always pointed my hose directly into the filter compartment. During the first year or two, each time I refilled I'd get a small airlock which would usually release by running each pump individually for 5-10secs. However for the past couple of years, this hasn't worked and every time I've had to remove the side panel to release the airlock by hand at the pump connection. This adds extra time and effort to my cleaning routine which I really want to eliminate if possible.

My spa is a HotSpring Relay. It is the older model which I believe was discontinued in 2019.

Any tips would be appreciated!

Vincent Jennings:
I had a similar issue with my spa, and here's what worked for me. Instead of pointing the hose directly into the filter compartment, try submerging it in the water while filling. This can help prevent airlocks by allowing the air to escape through the hose as it fills.

Also, make sure to open all the valves and bleeders to allow any trapped air to escape. Give these a shot and see if it helps!


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