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NeckPlus Vs. NeckEase (2023)


For Bullfrog 2023 owners, NeckPlus Vs. NeckEase JetPaks, which do you prefer and why?
Which is stronger, assuming the neck Pak is on a circuit with only two JetPaks, not three (if the spa has 5 JetPaks).
If you have the neck Pak in a seat appropriate to your height, do either spray water at others in the spa or out of the spa?
Aside from the neck jets, which Pak feels best to you for your back?

Our A6L with NeckPlus, DeepRelief, Gyro'sage and Trio Jet packs is scheduled to be delivered in a week.  :)

Mitchell Ortiz:
I've got the NeckEase JetPaks in my Bullfrog 2023, and they're solid. Can't speak for the NeckPlus, but the NeckEase does wonders for my neck. About the spray, nah, no water wars here. Just make sure it's set up right for your height. Backwise, the Trio Jet packs are my go-to feels like a personal massage.

Sean Lawrence:
I've got the NeckEase JetPak and it's been awesome for me. Can't compare to the NeckPlus, but the NeckEase feels strong enough, especially if you only got two JetPaks. Haven't had any issues with water spraying out where it shouldn't, but I guess it depends on how you position yourself. As for the back, the DeepRelief JetPak is my go-to for some serious relaxation. Your A6L sounds like it's gonna be a dream with all those packs! Enjoy it when it arrives!


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