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Does your Bullfrog lighting package feel like it is undewhelming?


The fellow in this YouTube video did not say which Trim Level of A7 he was reviewing, but I'm pretty sure it was the 'Plus Trim' because it had a 3-tiered water fall, but the cabinet was not 2-tone (Select).

He felt his lighting ('Premium Lighting' I assume) was underwhelming compared to the rest of the great A7 Bullfrog features. He LOVED his A7. He was just a little disappointed in the lighting feature, but in balance said it was a small thing overall.

I'd be curious to hear what Trim level, and hence Std. vs. Premium lighting package you have and what you think of it. I'm told that the 'Select' Trim comes with (2) LED's under each headrest. Very Cool, but I doubt I'll spring an extra ≈$2500 (A6) or ≈$4300 (A7) over the base 'Standard Trim' for the extra LED's, Tungsten Bezels, Adjustable Headrests, and maybe a few extra LED's under the 3-tier water fall (??). All nice things, but not for those premiums for my wallet. YW(wallet)MV.  ;)

Thanks for any input on Bullfrog lighting.


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