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Remote not working on Grandee


Buzzard bait:
I have a 2014 Hot Springs Grandee. The remote has stopped working. I’ve replaced the battery and rebooted but has not worked. Dealer says it has to have a new controller, dock and control box. All 3 have to be “on the same platform code (I.e., V4.XX)”  (not sure what that means), “and are not interchangeable with previous codes”.  It would cost $2500!  I can control lights and jets with the buttons on the dock, but not the temp. It seems to default to 106. Is there a way to set the temp to a lower setting without the remote?

Vincent Jennings:
Since you can't adjust the temp without it, have you checked the manual for any hidden button combos or tricks? Sometimes, there's a way to reset or change settings without the remote. If that doesn't work, you might have to bite the bullet and go for the new controller setup the dealer mentioned. It's pricey, but it could be the only fix.


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