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Summit vs V94L

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Hello everyone!

I am a first time hot tub buyer and have done quite a bit of research including visiting the local dealers in my area.
I have decided to go with Marquis based on their quality reputation and wanting Microsilk.

My family situation is two kiddos in college, two in high school and my wife and me.  We will likely be at 2-4 with up to 6 in the tub at one time.  Then again, I would expect initially my two HS kids to invite a bunch of friends over for a couple of years while it is still new.  For those reasons I'm thinking it makes sense to buy the largest tub which is either the Crown Summit or the Vector V94L.  My local dealer (and the next closest one) both have the V94L but not the Summit; so I don't have a chance to experience the Summit first hand.  I would order either tub with the same features, so I need help on how to decide which is better for my situation. The Summit is approximately $3k more, and I'm willing to pay the extra as long as the value is there for me.

Reason for V94L:  I can turn off zones and therefore have stronger therapy if desired for a given seat.  Lots of foot room and nice footrest. 

Reasons for Summit:  Multiple (what appears to be more) comfortable adirondack seats (whereas V94L is more upright). The Summit also have multiple seats that allow for full body massage.  My thought is my wife and I would stay longer and enjoy more having two adirondack seats vs two upright (or one lounger and one upright) seats.  We also have water behind our house, so having the chairs face that direction seems best.

The question is whether the Summit is worth the extra $3k.  Has anyone experienced both tubs and have an A:B comparison?

Any recommendations or things I should consider would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

The Adirondack chairs are captains chairs on steroids, I think you would really like them. 50% of people who have a lounge style seat don't like them after it gets home, so the Adirondack seat is a really nice compromise. I like the seating position of a captains chair but if it had a slightly more recline to it, that would be my absolute best seat.

A wet test is highly suggested, even if you can't test the Summit, see if the dealer has a tub with similar seating to try. The Summit should be able to do zones to a point. The diverter valve can be used to increase pressure to certain seats.

I think the seating arrangement in the Summit will work better for how you describe your use.

I did look at both a Vector 84L and a Resort, both were nice tubs but the Island Nevis just worked out better for our specific location.

Either would be a nice addition.

Thanks cranbiz for the input, I  appreciate it.

I'm struggling to find first hand experience with the Summit (good or bad); whether that be YouTube video reviews, forum reviews or online searches.
I understand the theory that this *should* be the best of the best from Marquis, but it would be helpful to get experiential feedback.

I realize that the Vector series has been out longer and that the pandemic didn't help with the launch of the Crown series, but was still hopeful to find some input.  Even the two dealers here near me do not have experience with the Summit.
Can anyone point me in the direction of where reviews (professional or personal) have been done on the Crown Summit? 

Thank you!

Maybe @Markee or @hottubguy can help here.

I think both are great tubs and have their pros and cons. Myself personally I prefer vector series. Higher level of massage and I love the foot jet.

V94L- pros- powerful tub. Vector is the most powerful series of all Marquis Hot Tubs. Neat design on it. The 94 is a nice spacious tub. Control of almost all seats with a great variation as far as different seating heights.
       Cons- Warranty isnít as long on Vector, jet pod faceplates will need to be replaced over time. I think they have greatly improved but they are held in place with 4 little tabs. Valves on top for such a nice looking tub almost look cheap to me.

Summit- Pros- Design. I canít really think of a tub designed quite like this series. Adirondack seat is super comfortable. I owned a resort for 7-8 years and it was my favorite seat in the tub. Large, comfortable tub. Longer warranty
Cons- Jets arenít as strong as Vector. The topside on those tubs were problematic when they first launched. For most part I think that kink is worked out.

Think it comes down to what your expectations out of the tub are. If itís more geared towards powerful jets Vector, if design and layout are what you are looking for Crown series. If you end up with Vector depending where you live I would absolutely get full foam, ozone and inline sanitizer options. 

I really think you would be happy with either. I loved my resort while I owned it. Itís still at one of my service guys houses and other than a heater and a cover it hasnít needed anything done to it. Only reason I got rid of it was we brought in another line of tubs and I grabbed a brand new one of those.


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