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Marquis Summit Jet Pressure?

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Finally took delivery of a Marquis Summit w/ Microsilk.  It was installed by our dealer and has been up and running for 24 hours.

Due to no stock anywhere, we weren't able to see one with water in it let alone wet test.   My initial take is the pressure on the premium, adirondack side is super low and possibly defective.   On this side, you can isolate a single seat and if I isolate the "deep tissue" seat near the front by turning all power off to the other two seats and put the jets on low power (jet 2 on low, full power on the dial) with say 100% blue, there is almost no flow whatsoever.  On the red it's very minimal.  When I turn the jets to high, the water moves, but there is barely a slow out of the lower blue jets and its mostly just a very soft feel.  On the red it's a tad stronger, but way far from what I'd expect - my neighbors 20 yr old sundance is WAY more powerful.

The difference on water moved between the Jet1 controlled red whitewater and anything on the Jet2 side is massive to the point where I think I must have something set wrong, or wired wrong etc?

Is this normal?   I'd heard this tub was considered to have reasonably strong jets (certainly the whitewater is, but the balance barely move water).

Pool is wired 240/50A and info screen seems to show the right data.


Off to super start.. first day of its life was super hot and I think the control board fried itself - at least touch screen is non functioning. 

Good times!

Jet pressure I have definetely found better on Vector series Marquis. Did the touchscreen get real wet?  Sometimes it needs to be reset at breaker

Touch panel just fried - touch pad action stopped working while the rest was fine.  Replaced day-2 on warranty no issues.

I can see where the Vector might be stronger - seems to push less water overall, but more control possible over where it's being pushed. 

A couple weeks in we are very happy - it's a really solid spa and the jets are ok in certain spots.  It'd better if you could divert the water to single seats but it's not the end of the world.


Couple months in and thought I'd share some updates - I know I scoured the internet for detail before buying my spa and found very little ;-)

So I have the summit w/ microsilk and run it in Canada (southern ontario).  So far, it's warm so no review on how it works when it's super cold.

So far, I'm really enjoying it and very glad with the purchase but some quick details;

Spa-Frog in-line - pretty much think this borders on useless.  I don't use it and switch to granulated chlorine.  If it does work, it's not cheap to keep that way.

Jet Pressure - after months of use, I'm really good with this.  If you want massive pressure, the whitewater jet is insane.  A couple other seats have decent pressure

Seats: building on the above, the 7 seats are all pretty unique in terms of jets and seat height and I find myself (6'4, 200lb) using all them with no favorite

Above might be my favorite thing - the tub is huge and offers lots of seating variety.

Size:  Usually it's me or my wife and I, but we've had 4 a couple times and 6 adults once.  Love the size for all those groups. 

No issues on the performance yet - did replace a control plane early but super support from dealer, and had one of the jet covers break and again, also replaced right away.

In all, despite it being pricey like crazy, I'd buy it again.



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