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This is my first time here and I was very happy to find this useful group.
I'm trying to decide between the V94/V94L, and the Crown Euphoria and Epic.
I need a tub that will hold 6 adults but will be using it by myself most of the time.  I used to have a hot tub and used the lounge a lot but of course that takes up more room.  And I recently sat in a dry Woodstock Elite and the lounge was entirely too long for me and not comfortable.  I have been focused on the V94L because it has the volcano jet in the middle which my previous spa had and I loved, both for the foot massage and that I could anchor myself in place from any seat (I'm short and float easily).  I also like many of the other features that it has.
But I started looking at the Crown series and think the Euphoria or Epic might be best for me.
Any recommendations or advice for those of you that have or have tried these specific hot tubs would be much appreciated.

I have been waiting for 8 months for my Microsilk equipped V94.  When we bought last year, there wasn't much stock anywhere and we wanted something for around May.   We saw a V94 and liked it a lot - very big and roomy and seemed good on paper.  No ability to wet test.

Fast fwd, due to Microsilk, we're delayed into August but the local dealer has lots of interesting inventory.  We went down and saw the Euphoria and the Summit.   These were the first Crown series we'd seen and we liked the look better.  The Vector is cool, but very modern and I'm not sure I sold myself on the spaceship vibe.  It also seemed very vertical in seating position.  The Summit is a different orientation which caught me off guard - sitting basically on each side facing the middle, but the 3 Adirondack chairs are super comfy yet don't really change the layout like a lounger does.  It looks like a better tub for those times it's just my wife and I as you have 3, maybe 4 focus seats that are more than normally comfortable.

The Euphoria is cool too and probably would be my second choice.  It happened that someone had cancelled a Summit w/ Microsilk just recently and we likely the color so with more $$ shelled out (not going to talk about that!), it's coming next week. 

There are no video's it seems on these tubs - very hard to online shop.  May make a video or two when it gets settled in.

Wet testing probably the right way to go, it just never worked out for us.

Crown series are some great looking tubs. Got lucky on the microsilk. I have a customer who has been waiting 18 Months for a tub with microsilk

We ordered our Crown Epic with Jewel lighting, no audio and no Microsilk in May of 2022. It's supposed to go into production on August 19 with expected delivery date of September. I'm not holding my breath. Here in south Texas it's been a little too warm for a hot tub anyway.


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