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Author Topic: Marquis - 2000 Recreation Series - Troubleshooting Spa Low Speed Failure  (Read 107 times)


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2-Speed motor.

Low speed/circulation mode - doesn't turn on.  When spa circuit breaker is turned on - I hear relay click.  Top-side control panel displays 00 - then displays the spa water temperature.  The Spa heater does not turn on.
Pressing the spa jet top side turns the jets on high speed-2.  The spa heater turns on - and does heat the water.
This problem started a few weeks ago.  The 20A SC fuse would blow.  Checked the heater with a multimeter.  It was faulty. The spa heater was replaced.

The low speed still doesn't operate.
The pump was replaced in 2011. It is an UltraJet -
PUUPC2202582F 56Fr 8.0-8.8A 230V 2-spd 2" SD/CS Ultima Plus.

I am not sure what to do next to determine if the pump is faulty or if the controller PCB could be faulty.

Any help in areas to troubleshoot next is greatly appreciated.
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