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Author Topic: All 3 pump icons keep flashing and jucuzzi won't start circulating the water  (Read 151 times)


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Me and a buddy just picked up a used Jacuzzi for cheep so we have been working on it a bit. Now when we belive we have gotten the setting correct we are having some problems. We belive the Lcd screen is showing that the circulation should be on, but nothing is happening. we can't feel any suction from the filters. On the Lcd screen when turning on any or all the pumps, the icons for the pumps that are on keeps flashing instead on just staying on. In the manual it states that when the Jacuzzi is emty the pump icons are to flash, but we have filled it with water and it just flashes. We are somewhat unsure what Jacuzzi moddel it is but the manual we found best fitting goes under: Ethink: KL8-2-CAA6/KL8-2-BAA6. Amy and all help is greatly appreciated.

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